Thursday, August 12, 2010


My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a while back.  Perhaps you remember.  A routine mammogram caught her tumor.  She had a lumpectomy and radiation and is cancer-free with a good prognosis!  Yeah!  However, having a mom with breast cancer ups my own risk of breast cancer.  So my own lovely, pro-active doctor suggested this year that I get on the mammogram bandwagon earlier than I would typically (I'm only 35) because there's now a "family history."  Thanks mom.

Today was my big day, and I'd like to tell you about it.  Because, why not?  I didn't take any pictures to post, or anything.

I wasn't allowed to wear deodorant, lotions or powders as they might interfere with the machine.  It's 90 degrees and humid here.  Seriously, they don't want me to wear deodorant??  Okay.  Next year, I'll schedule the appointment in February.

The tech called me into "the room" and explained the procedure and the machine to me.  I appreciated that.  I like to know all the details.   She showed me how the "plates" (my word) would come together and how she could operate that movement with her foot so she'd have both hands free...I'm sure you can imagine for what.  Then she tilted the "plates" and explained that there would be a picture taken at an angle as well.  Two pictures for each side, basically.  She explained that the machine would release as soon as the picture was taken so I wouldn't have to be held there any longer than necessary.  Whew!  Good to know.  She also told me that it shouldn't hurt at all but might be a bit uncomfortable.  (Yeah, right, I thought)  And she said to let me know right away if it did hurt so she could adjust things.  (No problem!)

I changed into a gown, only for my top half; I was even able to leave my necklace on as it wouldn't get in the way.  Then we got down to business.  The tech said that much of the discomfort people experience comes from the just plain awkwardness of having someone do what she was doing to me.  Nothing painful physically; just extremely socially awkward.  I explained that I've had two babies and several birth-inducing techniques tried on me...offending my modesty is not an issue.

And 1, 2, 3, 4 moderate squeezes later, we were finished!  No pain.  Not even mild discomfort.  I was expecting to gasp or hold my breath.  Nothing.  She said, "That's it!"  I said, "Really?!"  I had walked in at 9:00, and with all the changing into and out of a robe, directions, and squeezes, I walked out at 9:13.

I don't know if it's the technology or the technician, but my mammogram was a breeze, and I'd recommend that everyone give it a try!  In fact, it was a so very not alarming, painful ordeal, that here is a list of things  that I would rather have a mammogram than do.

I would rather have a mammogram than...
1.  eat a box of raisins
2.  get my teeth cleaned at the dentist
3.  have my yearly pelvic exam
4.  clean my laundry room
5.  eat a blueberry or cherrie pie
6.  touch a kid's loose tooth
7.  sing in front of an audience
8.  run a 5k
9.  go to Walmart
10.  have breast cancer!

I did it ladies, and you can too!  Many of you who read this are perhaps to young to think about this yet, but someday you won't be.  And some of you are old enough.  Do it!  I'll even give you the name and number of the clinic where I did mine.  Just get it done.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our good buddy Lydia, whom you've seen here a lot because we spend nearly every waking moment with her and her family, was diagnosed earlier this year with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).  RP is a degenerative eye disease that can lead to blindness, and there is currently no cure for it.  Our dear little Lydia has lost much of her sight already, and she and her family have been prepping a lot this summer for life (and Kindergarten!) with vision impairment. 

With this prepping for day-to-day challenges comes the need for equipment.  Expensive equipment.  So, some lovely friends from Laura's hometown hosted a benefit in Lydia's honor to raise funds for some much-needed tools to assist Lydia and her family.  And the kids and I were so excited to get to be there!

We travelled way up north (it felt like the end of the earth...really) to stay at Lydia's grandma's house for a few nights so we could be at the benefit with them.

Our kids were as excited as if they were going to one of their own grandma's houses!  We were counting down the days.  When we got there, the kids made themselves right at home, as if it really was their own grandma's.  And the kids had fun playing together as usual, but in an unusual place.

We got to go to church, hang out with Lydia's extended family, and then we all got to go to the benefit together.
Lydia was the princess of the day.
There was a silent auction and root beer floats!  Sophie really liked the "root beard floats" (that's not a typo!).
And we all played lots and lots of BINGO.  That's Lydia's grandpa helping her out.
Even the little guys (Drew) got in on it, with a little help.
But the favorite feature (for the kids) was the fan in the corner and the air-conditioned hallway.  It was hotter than super-hot in that gym!
After the kids had all the fun (and rootbeard and suckers) they could stand, I walked them back home to chill out for a while...literally.
We put on a movie and basked in the air conditioning, and these two little peeps promptly fell asleep.  It had been a tiring day.
The kids and I were so glad to be a part of the special benefit for Lydia.  We had fun hanging out with all of Lydia's family and getting to make new friends.  And we were so overjoyed to hear, when all was said and done, that the benefit helped to raise abundantly more than was needed to purchase the special equipment for Lydia!! 

God is good...all the time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Last week, our church put on a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program that was cowboy-themed.  I was a registration table worker, but in my off time, I was the hand-sanitizer lady...for when the kids were finished visiting the horses out back (I know, how appropriate, huh?  I didn't even ask for that job!).  So, when Sophie's class came out for their turn, I was ready with my camera.

Each kid got to sit on a horse and have their picture taken.
Then there were other "horsey" stations. 

Sophie and her good buddy Lily
Here, the kiddos were listening to facts about horses.
They got to try out different types of saddles,
and check out some other equipment used for caring for horse.
Then they moved onto the horse food station to learn about what horses eat.  They listened like this to this dear kid's scripted speech for about 8.5 seconds.  Then, their attention was diverted by the anticipation of this next station...
the carriage ride!
Everybody got a turn
to take a spin
around the church parking lot.
Cowboy VBS was awesome!  Yee-haw!