Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's a Christmas Miracle

I'm blogging! And you can thank your lucky stars that my cream cheese and butter are still softening to room temperature downstairs or I'd be down there baking right now instead. Please enjoy a catch up on our lives the past few months...

Owen turned 4 in July.  We celebrated with family.

 He got his first bike...and a warrior helmet.
 He also had a friend party at the park by our house.
 Sophie tried out soccer for the first time.  She was better than the coaches.
 Greg and I got to see U2 in concert.  I got offered weed for the first time in my life.  It was awesome...the concert, I mean.
 Owen played t-ball.

 I went to Germany.  You know, the one in Europe.

Sophie started 1st grade.  (sniff)
 She rode the bus to school for the first time.  (sob)
 We went to an apple orchard on the hottest day of the fall...90 degrees.

 We babysat little Adeline and we all loved every minute of it.
 We took a fall camping trip in our tent and made it through a 30 degree night by sleeping in a nest of blankets.
 Other than cold, it was a lovely time to go camping.
 Owen and I visited a pumpkin place down the road while Greg and Sophie were at work and school respectively.
 I went to Vegas with my parents and their friends.  Long story.
 It was awesome.
 This is a very famous bull rider, and I have no idea who he is.  My mom and her friend did though.
 We had our annual Halloween party.  Greg was a ninja.  I was Mary Catherine Gallagher.
 We went trick or treating in our neighborhood, and we took Addie and Cassie and Gerrit along for the fun.

That about sums it up.  You may now carry on with your life!  Good to see ya!

Friday, July 29, 2011


We left the second school got out for the summer and headed to Indiana to visit Greg's sister Janelle's family there for the first time. 
We made a rest-stop in Wisconsin Dells for supper and a little play time on the way.  We found a (FREE) Pirate's Cove playground.  It was wonderful!

 We got to stay on Grandpa Dan & Grandma Kim's farm (they're Janelle's in-laws).  I think it was the highlight of our children's lives!  We needn't do Disney ever again...the farm will do. 

 Sophie and Rowan, her new best friend, and visa versa.  Evidently no one has really cared much for Rowan because he was cranky to a more-beloved cat.  Sophie didn't know about any of that though.  She was always outside looking for Rowan.  Even after a few days when we discovered her runny nose and extremely itchy/stinging eyes were likely due to cat allergies (we'd never been around cats so much in our lives!)
 Sophie, Owen & Cousin Logan, getting ready to set up for the parade that the other cousin, Jared, was marching in.
 There he is!

 We even spent some time at the carney.  We got an elephant ear (it was my birthday, after all).  Why have I never had an elephant ear before this?!  Amazing.
 After the cousin bath.  Jared was not included.
 We had multiple campfires at the farm.  So good!
 There's Rowan again.  Sophie was trying to coax him onto her lap.
 There you can see the amazing camper that Dan & Kim let our family stay in.  We had our own space...beds, bathroom, fridge.  It was quite wonderful, actually.
 Milking a real cow!  Grandpa Dan did a wonderful job of explaining and then showing our kids where milk comes from.

 They all gave it a go.  I just couldn't do it, myself.  Been there, done that, if you know what I mean.  It felt a little too personal. 
 Grandma Kim led us around to see the calves and other cows as well.  The kids wouldn't let this little guy suck their fingers. 
 But they let these gigantic ones lick their hands.  Go figure!

 We spent a day at a touristy Amish town.  Lots of fun seeing the sights...and the Amish.  Our kids loved seeing buggies on the highways as we drove (me too!).  And they loved pointing out Amish people, as if they were a rare animal sighting..."I see an Amish!"   We took a carriage ride to make a fun, touristy memory.

 And then we ate Hawaiian food for lunch.  Really.  We were too cheap for sit-down Amish food, so this was the other option.  Weird.  But really tasty.
 On our way back home, we brought Jared with us.  We stopped over night in Wisconsin Dells this time, and we toured around town a bit.  We all decided we need to come back and do a bunch of fun stuff next time.  This time we were just passing through.

We had such a good time to, in, and from Indiana!  The road trip was enjoyable, the kids did great, and it was fun to have Jared along on the way home.  Our visit with the Indiana family was awesomer than super-awesome.  We just really had the best time.  Like I said, who needs Disney?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day Weekend with my family.  The weather was a little iffy, so we spent some time at a nearby indoor waterpark. 

 The bad news is, upon returning again that evening, we got kicked out due to lightning (indoor/outdoor pools connect)...the good news is they let us come back the next day!  Two days of swimming for the price of one!
 This is Owen's birthday present...the coon-skin cap.
 We took a walk down to the lake to see if we could catch any critters.

 The kids tried and tried...

 ...but I think they only caught some weeds.

 Sophie, Aubrey, Owen, Jozie

 Sophie, Jozie, Owen, Aubrey + Adeline!  The newest addition to the family!!