Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's a Christmas Miracle

I'm blogging! And you can thank your lucky stars that my cream cheese and butter are still softening to room temperature downstairs or I'd be down there baking right now instead. Please enjoy a catch up on our lives the past few months...

Owen turned 4 in July.  We celebrated with family.

 He got his first bike...and a warrior helmet.
 He also had a friend party at the park by our house.
 Sophie tried out soccer for the first time.  She was better than the coaches.
 Greg and I got to see U2 in concert.  I got offered weed for the first time in my life.  It was awesome...the concert, I mean.
 Owen played t-ball.

 I went to Germany.  You know, the one in Europe.

Sophie started 1st grade.  (sniff)
 She rode the bus to school for the first time.  (sob)
 We went to an apple orchard on the hottest day of the fall...90 degrees.

 We babysat little Adeline and we all loved every minute of it.
 We took a fall camping trip in our tent and made it through a 30 degree night by sleeping in a nest of blankets.
 Other than cold, it was a lovely time to go camping.
 Owen and I visited a pumpkin place down the road while Greg and Sophie were at work and school respectively.
 I went to Vegas with my parents and their friends.  Long story.
 It was awesome.
 This is a very famous bull rider, and I have no idea who he is.  My mom and her friend did though.
 We had our annual Halloween party.  Greg was a ninja.  I was Mary Catherine Gallagher.
 We went trick or treating in our neighborhood, and we took Addie and Cassie and Gerrit along for the fun.

That about sums it up.  You may now carry on with your life!  Good to see ya!