Monday, February 22, 2010

Quote of the Day

Sophie: Mom, how would you feel if someone held you in the crotch?

Me: WHAT??!!

Sophie: (calmly repeating it as if I simply hadn't heard her the first time) How would you feel if someone held you in the crotch?

Me: Sophie (slight panic in my quivering voice), why would somebody hold me in the crotch??

Sophie: That's what the boys do when they are skating on the ice and holding the girls up!

Oh my word.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Barbie Musketeer Party

Sophie has been talking about what kind of birthday party she has wanted since the day after last year's party...a Barbie one. She got really into the Barbie Musketeer movie not long ago, so we narrowed the party theme down to that. Sophie had a few basic requirements--a Barbie cake, masks, capes, and ribbon wands, just like on the movie. We had her pick just a few friends to have over, and she chose a few church friends, a neighborhood friend, and a school friend.

I made each of the girls a cape of very pink, very sparkly material. They were super simple (and inexpensive!), as the material didn't fray or need hemming. I just sewed one loop to string the ribbon through for tying them around the girls' necks.

This is Alexina modelling the masks.
The girls got gem stickers to decorate their masks with (Noelle).
They also played dress-up. There were many costume changes and nary a wardrobe malfunction (Lydia).
Some finished masks.
The girls were very meticulous in their designs and really took their time to make them special. Oh, what a difference a year makes! (Cora, sporting her pink cape)
One of the other requests was "ribbon wands" like one of the Barbie Musketeer movie characters fights with. I don't know how ribbon wands can be a weapon, but I'm not going to argue with it. The girls loved them! These were just wooden dowels (that I had Greg cut and sand) with satin ribbons taped to the end. We put on some music from the movie and let the girls dance around.
Some were very into it.

And others preferred to watch from a safe distance (and then flap her ribbon quietly to the side).
It was a crazy free for all, and even Owen got in on it (big surprise!).
Lunch time!

Edible ribbon wands (my favorite Musketeer party brainstorm): pretzel rods with fruit-by-the-foot wrapped around the end (or as Lydia called them, fruit-by-the-rollup!)

Barbie cake #2. Sophie requested blue this time. I don't remember if I mentioned it last time...this is a dollar store Barbie (so I could rip her legs off!). It worked great!

A little present-opening

Sophie got a lot of very nice gifts
All the girls loved helping Sophie to open the gift they'd brought (Lily).

This was my favorite dress-up moment of the day...Alexina as Ariel, mullet wig and all!
We took a few moments to watch the Barbie Musketeer music videos included on the DVD. We had a few spectators...

...and several "dance-fighters."

It was a super fun party, and I had a super fun nap later that afternoon!

Pre-School Birthday Celebration

Sophie got to be at school on her actual birthday. They really do it up right at her school! Owen and I were invited to stay for the opening activities as Sophie's class celebrated her special day.

Sophie started out with a little hand-print painting with Miss Jen, the student teacher.

I think they were making a banner.

Owen got to join in on circle time. That's Lily on the left, by the way.
Owen loves school!
Sophie got to sit in the special chair, and look who got to join her! (The paint didn't really wash off all that well)

Sophie got to blow out (real) candles on a (fake) birthday cake. One of my highlights of the morning was listening in as Miss Jen lead the kids in singing a "We don't play with matches" song while lighting the candles. Hilarious! And very pre-school appropriate...make every moment a teachable moment, I guess.
Sophie got to help lift the flaps on the birthday book.
Again, Owen joined her. Here, Miss Jen is showing the class the birthday cake that Sophie made for the class book.
They finished the time by showing the paper that Sophie (I) filled out to tell the class about herself. Little factoids like...her favorite colors are pink and purple.
It was a very special time, and I'm so glad Owen and I got to stay to see it all!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family Birthday Party

After Sophie's recital, all the family headed back to our house to celebrate her birthday. To prepare for the upcoming kid birthday party, I did a practice run of the Barbie cake that Sophie requested I make for this birthday (the day after last year's party). I think it turned out pretty good! The "real" one will probably be a total flop now!

A Barbie Musketeer outfit! This is the kind of birthday party Sophie requested.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recital Pictures

Ballerina Sophie, posing before her dress rehearsal

Watching the other dancers while she waits for her turn on the stage

Recital day! This is the starting position in her routine.
Waiting in the dressing room with her friends.
I thought some of you might appreciate seeing her fancy hair. Foam rollers are awesome!
We didn't get any good pictures of the actual performance--no flash allowed. This is hugging Daddy after the show.
She got flowers! A bouquet from the general family and roses from Aunt Janelle.

Are those for me?
These flowers are stinky! (They really were!)
But she held her breath and posed for a nice picture.

Yellow Grandma & Grandpa
Black Grandma & Grandpa
Gerrit & Cassie
Family birthday party pictures coming soon!