Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas: Round 2

We had a ton of snow while we were visiting, so we took a morning to play outside in it.

Owen did not love it or like it or even tolerate it. He's been crying in this picuture, and we had just left the driveway. His cousin Jozie is posing with him.

Sophie and Aubrey loved it.

One of our Christmas card picture attempts--it was a contender.
Gerrit & Cassie

Courtney, Paul, Aubrey & Jozie

We did a little tubing down the road to the lake

This may have been just prior to the incident where Aubrey slipped into the middle of the tube just as Courtney was jumping on top of it. Aubrey cried like every bone in her body had been crushed underneath her mother's body. It was pretty funny to those of us watching (only because Aubrey turned out to be okay!).

Did it snow this much where you were on Christmas?

Christmas: Round 1

We spent Christmas with my family.
The kids got to open Grandma & Grandpa's gifts right away so they'd have fun stuff to do during our stay.

The cereal was a big hit.

And the pajamas.

But especially the cereal.

Preschool Christmas Program

Sophie performed in her first Christmas program ever. We waited with much anticipation for the show to begin.

That's Sophie's good buddy Lily standing next to her.

She's actually singing!

And doing the actions!

Performing for 20 minutes is such hard work!

Notice where the majority of kids are looking. Then notice my kid and her good buddy. We could be in for some trouble.


Playing with the Slinky on Gma E's steps

Christmas Chaos

Owen got a shotgun for Christmas

And Daddy and Grandpa wanted to play with it

Owen eventually got a turn
And so did Great Grandma!

She loved it!

The annual family photos

Four Generations of E's

Sophie got new makeup for Christmas...and the rest of us got makeovers.

When would you like to schedule your appointment?

A little Black Friday shopping

The kids and Grandpa and Daddy went for a hike in the woods. Owen brought the protection.

November Miscellaneous

Hunting for deer out the window.
Sophie and I went to see a Cinderella ballet. This is Cinderella.
Our buddy Drew.

Halloween for the kids

It was a super cold Halloween.

The annual family picture at the neighbor's house. He always offers. We always accept.

We dropped by to see the W's, but by this point, the fun was over for somebody. I'm not naming any names.