Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas: Round 2

We had a ton of snow while we were visiting, so we took a morning to play outside in it.

Owen did not love it or like it or even tolerate it. He's been crying in this picuture, and we had just left the driveway. His cousin Jozie is posing with him.

Sophie and Aubrey loved it.

One of our Christmas card picture attempts--it was a contender.
Gerrit & Cassie

Courtney, Paul, Aubrey & Jozie

We did a little tubing down the road to the lake

This may have been just prior to the incident where Aubrey slipped into the middle of the tube just as Courtney was jumping on top of it. Aubrey cried like every bone in her body had been crushed underneath her mother's body. It was pretty funny to those of us watching (only because Aubrey turned out to be okay!).

Did it snow this much where you were on Christmas?

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