Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My day...so far

My friend Laura just called suggesting we skip our cardio class tonight to go for drinks instead (Coke--duh!). She's been having one of those days...me too, sort of.

The kids and I left our house at 10 am to go downtown to buy some tickets to Disney on Ice. I know I can buy tickets online...I blog...I'm on Facebook...I'm fairly technologically savvy. Don't even get me started on why I had to drag my two small children all the way downtown to pay for parking to go in person to buy tickets to Disney on Ice. I don't want to talk about it.

Since we were already downtown, I decided to make it worth our time (and parking $$) and visit the cool library that was nearby. My kids loved it!! Me too! Too bad it cost us $6 in parking to see it...good thing I brought my camera with me so we can remember the really cool library we'll probably never see again.

They had a lovely pretend market place.

Even Owen was into it. Right about now, we had to take a break to change someone's diaper. I'm not telling who.

Then the kids found the puppets and put on a show.
Owen was the puppet-master to the puppet-master. And right about now we had to change someone's diaper again...for the second time...in 20 minutes.
Shortly after this, I noticed green junk in the corners of Owen's eyes. I wiped it away, not thinking much of it. By the time we reached the car, it was back...in both eyes...and even more than before. Uh-oh. He's been having a tough time sleeping lately, so I thought the green goo could be indicative of an ear infection. I called my clinic and talked to a nurse who thought the same thing...all while trying to find my way out of downtown. I missed my first exit opportunity. (Don't tell Greg I was driving while on the phone!) She was able to squeeze us into the first afternoon appointment at 1:20. Praise the Lord! We didn't have to interrupt naptime, and we got to be seen before Thanksgiving!
So, the kids and I had lunch at Subway since there wasn't time to go home. Sophie requested McDonald's, but we'll be doing that tomorrow. (Can't have McDonald's two days in a row. Daddy would freak!) All the while I was praying that something was actually wrong with Owen. You other cheapskates out there will be shouting "Amen!" along with me. It's so frustrating to take the time and spend the money to hear, "He's perfectly fine!"
As soon as she saw us, the doctor said Owen looked like Conjunctivitis ("pink eye," to the lay person). That had not even occurred to me. She checked out everything else, but concluded as she'd originally thought...pink eye. So, we left with a prescription for eye ointment and oral antibiotics should his eye or questionable-looking ears take a turn for the worse over the holiday. Praise the Lord, again! At least it's something we can treat, Owen's not uncomfortable (although a tad unattractive...the eye gunk, you know), and we can avoid a trip to Urgent Care on Thanksgiving.
All in all, a lot of things that could have gone much worse didn't. The kids and I had a fun morning and a special lunch. We got home in time to nap. And we'll be un-contagious in about 24 hours...just in time for Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

This is how we roll...

We spent the evening at a sporting goods store this weekend. Each one of us tried out different fitness paraphernalia, loving every minute of the FREE fun.

I see a princess bike in our future.

I don't know what this thing is...but I loved it!

Burning some rubber on the race track.

Hit the showers, Sophie!

Showing off, as usual...
Crazy torture device...
Work harder, Owen! You'll never burn calories that way.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sophie has been into practicing her letters lately. In case you can't decipher the letters below...

I've given you the answers...
This was the first time she'd written her name all by herself without tracing over letters I'd written. I know some are backwards/upside down. We'll be working on that.

The following is some Cubbies homework Sophie did. She was to illustrate the days of creation. Again, if you can't decipher (or don't know what happened on what day) I've left a key below...
1: God created light...that's a drawing of the lamp in our living room (her idea!).
2: God created space between the sky and water...that's the sky and water. I helped her with the wavy lines because she insisted she didn't know how to do it.
3: God created the land with trees and plants and flowers on it...that's a flower and a tree.
4: God created the sun and moon and stars...stars, crescent moon, sun. Duh!
5: God created birds in the sky and fish in the sea...bird (on left--wings and beak!), fish (on right--tail!)
6: God created animals and Adam and Eve...Eve and Adam.
Pretty good, huh??

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sophie and Owen were still a bit under the weather last night, so I went to Cubbies by myself. On my way home, I stopped to return our library DVDs and to pick up a few new ones I thought Sophie might enjoy. I found a kids "Learn Ballet" DVD. Sophie's been all about ballet lately--she likes to pretend to be a "balla-nina," so I thought we'd give it a try.

First, she had to don the appropriate attire.

She followed the directions...position 1, position 2...

Owen did too.
Soon Sophie was asking, "When are they going to dance, Mom?" I tried to explain that they were learning all those positions to get ready to dance, but she quickly grew bored (with me) with the lack of real dancing.

She moved on to another dancing outfit--the twirly dress. It's really all about the twirling, you know.

Later on, she was back to being a "balla-nina." I told her to show me how a ballerina stands. This is what I got...
There was no coaching involved...I just took pictures.
In no time at all, though, she was on to actual dancing. Decidedly non-balla-nina dancing. It looked a little hip-hop, if you ask me.
And while she was in this favorable mood, I suggested she get her picture taken with Owen. She willingly obliged...amazing!

Yes, that's food on Owen's face. I knew it was there.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My children have fevers. Not high fevers, but high enough to render them useless. We three have been laying around all morning in sweats, princess dresses or less (as you can see below). Owen's been fighting a fever off and on for about a week. I have attributed it to teething, but now Sophie's got a fever too, so who knows?

Sophie and I were out in the kitchen coloring when I realized that Owen was being rather quiet. I came out to the living room to find this...
Owen had dragged his two favorite blankets out of his crib and into the living room where he made himself a nest and snuggled down on top of it. He spent most of his morning there...well, there, and sleeping on my lap.
Everyone's in good spirits. Just a little slowed down from usual and a lot quieter. I'm hoping they'll wake up from their naps in a healthier condition.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keeping it Real

I spent this past weekend away at a conference for mothers. Twenty women from my church went together to attend the conference, eat, shop, eat some more, and stay up late gabbing. I think I talked more those two days than I do in an entire month. It was a good time!

The point of the conference was to encourage us as mothers and to send us home revived and equipped to serve our families well. I laughed, I cried (nearly every hour!), and I came home sleep-deprived. I do still feel revived. But I actually got more out of the secondary topics at the conference, which for me addressed friendship.

The main lesson I am bringing home from the conference is "The Ministry of Mediocrity." Let me explain...The speaker asked us all to lift up our pantlegs and then feel the ankle of our neighbor. It wasn't pleasant! Anyway, the point she made was that if you had smooth legs yourself, but your neighbor's were prickly, you could feel good about yourself because you had it more together than someone else. If your legs were prickly, and your neighbor's were prickly too, then you could feel good about yourself because at least someone else couldn't get it all together either.

The point she was making is that it doesn't do anybody any good to try to put on a front of perfectness (because we all know we aren't anyway!!). Being transparent about your shortcomings (or mediocrity) can actually be a ministry to someone else who needs encouragement. Someone who needs to see that they aren't the only one floundering at times. It's about keeping it real.

I'd like to think that I'm fairly honest about my faults and letting it all hang out there, but I'm sure I can do better. So, in an effort to minister to you and to purge my own soul, I'm here to share my own mediocrity with you...

This is what my laundry basket looks like right now. And yes, that is my suitcase from the weekend (unpacked at least!) still needing to be put away.

This is part of my "craft corner." Oh, the horror!! This is a chronic area of difficulty for me.

This is my "Tupperware" drawer. Ugh!

This is my entryway. Four of those pairs of shoes are mine. This is actually a good day.

This is my "mailbin," for lack of a better description. There is a Christmas card holder/ornament in there...from last Christmas. Christmas will be next month, so I might as well leave it in there now!

And, finally, this is the state of my closet currently. I don't even want to talk about it.
Well, I feel better. I hope you do too!

Monday, November 3, 2008


With an already-full candy bowl and four other Halloween events already under our belt, we set out to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood before heading to our church's Fall Festival (a.k.a. Halloween alternative).

*Gasp* No mullet wig?! That's right, folks. It was a Halloween miracle!

I think Greg was as excited as the kids were.

Owen doesn't eat candy yet, but he did enjoy the "noisy" candy that people gave him (ie. Mike-n-Ikes and Hot Tamales).
Sophie had such a great time ringing doorbells and saying "trick or treat!"
And of course she enjoyed the getting candy part, too.

We wanted to make an appearance at our church too so that Sophie could see her friends in their costumes. This is the first person we saw when we entered the building, our friend Becca. It's good we acted quickly because after this, Sophie wouldn't let us take any more pictures with her friends. Goodness only knows why.
Sophie and Owen got to play a few games in the "carnival" and do some trick-or-treating down the hallway.

Then we left the crazy mad-house, questioning why we put ourselves through such insanity, and came home to dig through our pile of loot. This time, Owen's favorites were the "crinkly" candy.
Mine were the "anything that's chocolate" kind, but I waited until the kids were asleep to eat them!!