Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My day...so far

My friend Laura just called suggesting we skip our cardio class tonight to go for drinks instead (Coke--duh!). She's been having one of those days...me too, sort of.

The kids and I left our house at 10 am to go downtown to buy some tickets to Disney on Ice. I know I can buy tickets online...I blog...I'm on Facebook...I'm fairly technologically savvy. Don't even get me started on why I had to drag my two small children all the way downtown to pay for parking to go in person to buy tickets to Disney on Ice. I don't want to talk about it.

Since we were already downtown, I decided to make it worth our time (and parking $$) and visit the cool library that was nearby. My kids loved it!! Me too! Too bad it cost us $6 in parking to see it...good thing I brought my camera with me so we can remember the really cool library we'll probably never see again.

They had a lovely pretend market place.

Even Owen was into it. Right about now, we had to take a break to change someone's diaper. I'm not telling who.

Then the kids found the puppets and put on a show.
Owen was the puppet-master to the puppet-master. And right about now we had to change someone's diaper again...for the second time...in 20 minutes.
Shortly after this, I noticed green junk in the corners of Owen's eyes. I wiped it away, not thinking much of it. By the time we reached the car, it was back...in both eyes...and even more than before. Uh-oh. He's been having a tough time sleeping lately, so I thought the green goo could be indicative of an ear infection. I called my clinic and talked to a nurse who thought the same thing...all while trying to find my way out of downtown. I missed my first exit opportunity. (Don't tell Greg I was driving while on the phone!) She was able to squeeze us into the first afternoon appointment at 1:20. Praise the Lord! We didn't have to interrupt naptime, and we got to be seen before Thanksgiving!
So, the kids and I had lunch at Subway since there wasn't time to go home. Sophie requested McDonald's, but we'll be doing that tomorrow. (Can't have McDonald's two days in a row. Daddy would freak!) All the while I was praying that something was actually wrong with Owen. You other cheapskates out there will be shouting "Amen!" along with me. It's so frustrating to take the time and spend the money to hear, "He's perfectly fine!"
As soon as she saw us, the doctor said Owen looked like Conjunctivitis ("pink eye," to the lay person). That had not even occurred to me. She checked out everything else, but concluded as she'd originally thought...pink eye. So, we left with a prescription for eye ointment and oral antibiotics should his eye or questionable-looking ears take a turn for the worse over the holiday. Praise the Lord, again! At least it's something we can treat, Owen's not uncomfortable (although a tad unattractive...the eye gunk, you know), and we can avoid a trip to Urgent Care on Thanksgiving.
All in all, a lot of things that could have gone much worse didn't. The kids and I had a fun morning and a special lunch. We got home in time to nap. And we'll be un-contagious in about 24 hours...just in time for Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Bren said...

Happy Thanksgiving - glad you caught it now!

Florida Family of Four said...

Poor Owen! Good thing you found out before you made the trip to WI and he got the others sick!! Miss you.. Happy Tgiving!!!!