Monday, November 3, 2008


With an already-full candy bowl and four other Halloween events already under our belt, we set out to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood before heading to our church's Fall Festival (a.k.a. Halloween alternative).

*Gasp* No mullet wig?! That's right, folks. It was a Halloween miracle!

I think Greg was as excited as the kids were.

Owen doesn't eat candy yet, but he did enjoy the "noisy" candy that people gave him (ie. Mike-n-Ikes and Hot Tamales).
Sophie had such a great time ringing doorbells and saying "trick or treat!"
And of course she enjoyed the getting candy part, too.

We wanted to make an appearance at our church too so that Sophie could see her friends in their costumes. This is the first person we saw when we entered the building, our friend Becca. It's good we acted quickly because after this, Sophie wouldn't let us take any more pictures with her friends. Goodness only knows why.
Sophie and Owen got to play a few games in the "carnival" and do some trick-or-treating down the hallway.

Then we left the crazy mad-house, questioning why we put ourselves through such insanity, and came home to dig through our pile of loot. This time, Owen's favorites were the "crinkly" candy.
Mine were the "anything that's chocolate" kind, but I waited until the kids were asleep to eat them!!


Lady Librarian said...

I love reading what you write. You are a terrific writer and the captions are helpful and funny. I laugh every time I read your blog.

gianna said...

Brin made your blog and I didn't even know you had one!

Michelle said...

You are a good mom if you wait until they are asleep to eat the good stuff out of their candy. I usually do it when they aren't looking!