Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sophie has been into practicing her letters lately. In case you can't decipher the letters below...

I've given you the answers...
This was the first time she'd written her name all by herself without tracing over letters I'd written. I know some are backwards/upside down. We'll be working on that.

The following is some Cubbies homework Sophie did. She was to illustrate the days of creation. Again, if you can't decipher (or don't know what happened on what day) I've left a key below...
1: God created light...that's a drawing of the lamp in our living room (her idea!).
2: God created space between the sky and water...that's the sky and water. I helped her with the wavy lines because she insisted she didn't know how to do it.
3: God created the land with trees and plants and flowers on it...that's a flower and a tree.
4: God created the sun and moon and stars...stars, crescent moon, sun. Duh!
5: God created birds in the sky and fish in the sea...bird (on left--wings and beak!), fish (on right--tail!)
6: God created animals and Adam and Eve...Eve and Adam.
Pretty good, huh??

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Cassie said...

Very impressive! I love the letters and the drawings. They look like the work of at least a 4-year-old! "Baby Sophie" is growing up!