Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keeping it Real

I spent this past weekend away at a conference for mothers. Twenty women from my church went together to attend the conference, eat, shop, eat some more, and stay up late gabbing. I think I talked more those two days than I do in an entire month. It was a good time!

The point of the conference was to encourage us as mothers and to send us home revived and equipped to serve our families well. I laughed, I cried (nearly every hour!), and I came home sleep-deprived. I do still feel revived. But I actually got more out of the secondary topics at the conference, which for me addressed friendship.

The main lesson I am bringing home from the conference is "The Ministry of Mediocrity." Let me explain...The speaker asked us all to lift up our pantlegs and then feel the ankle of our neighbor. It wasn't pleasant! Anyway, the point she made was that if you had smooth legs yourself, but your neighbor's were prickly, you could feel good about yourself because you had it more together than someone else. If your legs were prickly, and your neighbor's were prickly too, then you could feel good about yourself because at least someone else couldn't get it all together either.

The point she was making is that it doesn't do anybody any good to try to put on a front of perfectness (because we all know we aren't anyway!!). Being transparent about your shortcomings (or mediocrity) can actually be a ministry to someone else who needs encouragement. Someone who needs to see that they aren't the only one floundering at times. It's about keeping it real.

I'd like to think that I'm fairly honest about my faults and letting it all hang out there, but I'm sure I can do better. So, in an effort to minister to you and to purge my own soul, I'm here to share my own mediocrity with you...

This is what my laundry basket looks like right now. And yes, that is my suitcase from the weekend (unpacked at least!) still needing to be put away.

This is part of my "craft corner." Oh, the horror!! This is a chronic area of difficulty for me.

This is my "Tupperware" drawer. Ugh!

This is my entryway. Four of those pairs of shoes are mine. This is actually a good day.

This is my "mailbin," for lack of a better description. There is a Christmas card holder/ornament in there...from last Christmas. Christmas will be next month, so I might as well leave it in there now!

And, finally, this is the state of my closet currently. I don't even want to talk about it.
Well, I feel better. I hope you do too!


Florida Family of Four said...

Thank you for not only blessing me with your mediocrity as it does encourage me to know that my shortcomings and failures may bless someone else. BUT, as a bonus, you have also given me the mental picture of you rubbing some lady's prickly ankle. I DO feel better about myself now!

Wendy said...

I'm with Janelle on both counts. The speaker at your conference was right on the mark. Even before I read what you wrote, looking at the pics, I thought, "My gosh, it's good to know that even Carey, who always seems to have it together, has a clutter corner like the rest of us."

I keep telling Sug, "in the next house... in the next house... in the next house." Somehow, I've fooled myself into believing that a little more space will traslate into more time. Perhaps I should be committed... =)

Bren said...

You rock and you are so real and so loving! Thanks for your example!

Jessica said...

Super funny pictures and similar to what one would see in my house! Let's see the pics from the conference!

Denise said...

Your crafter corner looks far more organized and put together than mine! I can't even sit in my chair in the office because I have it piled high with my sewing/crocheting stuff AND Katie's stuff from school and mail and magazines and........:-) Thanks for sharing, cause it's nice to know that I'm not the only person who has some disorganized spaces.

gianna said...

thank you! Chris wants to host his family for Christmas this year and knowing that freaks me out. Mostly because of my many corners that look very similar

Lady Librarian said...

You are hilarious and open! I am impressed, since you and I have had conversations about cleaning, preparing for guests and hiding things! I am inspired by your honesty. I am going to try to care less!
I had a great time with you that weekend. I hope you had fun, too!