Monday, November 23, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Once again, I tried to upload some pictures today to no avail. Sorry about that. I really did have good intentions. I gave it a few tries, really, I did. This is the best I could come up with...

Outside my is a fairly gloomy, moist day, but not too cold.
I am much that I am not sleeping well at night.
I am thankful for...a wonderfully supportive husband.
From the kitchen...venison leftovers... well, at least I don't have to cook!
I am yoga pants, grey t-shirt...and a (probably) 15 year-old flannel shirt.
I am creating...a gameplan for gifts from the kids to family for Christmas.
I am Sophie's first ever parent-teacher conference this evening.
I am reading...Real Simple magazine...I'm trying to catch up on all the magazines I've not had time to read lately, and I won't let myself check out a book at the library until I do! It's been over a month already.
I am the Lord.
I am hearing...the buzz of the computer. Wonderful!
Around the house...I just Febreezed my jeans so that I don't have to wash them.
One of my favorite things...a mommy & Sophie date (she and I just went to a Cinderella ballet yesterday. So fun!)
A few plans for the rest of the week...spending time with most of Greg's family for Thanksgiving.
Here is picture thought I am's Blogger's fault!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Duluth: Part 2

On one of our Duluth days, we visited the Great Lakes Aquarium. We couldn't take flash photography in there, so not many pictures turned out. Again, we had a coupon, so we got a good deal on our visit. We were glad we'd had a coupon and had not paid full price. Perhaps our kids are a bit young, or perhaps it was just a little disappointing. Not sure which, but it wasn't the highlight of our trip. We still had a fun time, though. Just not funner than super fun.

There's the aerial lift bridge in the background! We (and by we, I mean Greg) kept watching for ships so that we could see one up close. Greg was checking every few minutes to try to catch one. He finally gave up. Then, while eating our picnic lunch, he and I turned to look out the window at precisely the same time and...gasp! There was a ship right next to us out the window! Our kids were unamused.

Later that night we had an ice cream treat at the DQ in Canal Park...the one that is half DQ, half gas station convenience store. Us and a bunch of junior high kids. Sweet!
This was our mad house breakfast room. We had to majorly strategize to get our breakfast in a timely way each morning.
The kids liked the self-service sink due to our cooler.

On another day, we visited the Lake Superior Zoo (I think that's what it's called). Again, we had coupons (duh!). Again, I think I'm glad we didn't pay full price. Nothing stellar, though the bears were cool. I think we most enjoyed hiking around in the woods near the zoo.

These are the best pumpkin pictures of the kids I could muster this year.

This room in the zoo had a bunch of little critters for the kids to look at. I think we spent the most time in here going from cage to cage and back again. Oh, I forgot to mention that we got to witness a bat feeding earlier in the morning. Little bats and really big bats...CREEPY! But fascinating.

This was the hiking part of the zoo. Loved it!

If all else fails, this may end up being our Christmas card. Pretend you never saw it.
Stay tuned...there's even more Duluth fun to come!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Duluth Vacation: Part One

We went on a family vacation to Duluth a few weeks back. I told a friend we were going on vacation, and her face lit up. "Where?" she asked excitedly. "Duluth!" I told her. "Oh," she said, her face falling. Duluth may not seem like an especially thrilling autumnal vacation to take, but it was reasonably priced, and we could drive there. So we did it. And we had a funner than super-fun time! (One of Sophie's new expressions)

Getting ready to go with their car toys
We made a stop at the tourist information place upon entering Duluth. Greg was excited for the kids to see the view as this was a particularly fond childhood memory of his. Our kids mostly liked all the brochures all over the lobby of the building.

We tried (almost each night) to let the kids try sleeping in the same bed. It usually ended after Sophie complained 20 times that Owen was poking her in the back, head, and up the nose. Then he got confined to his own pack-n-play, and Sophie could sleep in peace. But it was Sophie who wanted to give it a try each night.

Our first day, we visited the Children's Museum/Train Museum.

Our kids each loved playing "bank."

And grocery store.

They both really liked the trains, but got a little freaked out by some unannounced Halloween decorations (we visited near the holiday). Then they needed Greg to enter the train cars first to give the "all clear!"

There was even a little train to play with.

We had a coupon (surprise, surprise!) that got us a good deal on these joined museums. I'd say it was well worth the money. We spent the whole morning checking out the children's museum and trains, had a picnic lunch, and then headed back into the children's museum for a bit in the afternoon. I'd recommend it!

Friday, October 30, 2009


...makes me think of a song...

My puh-puh-pizza face, my puh-pizza face

(sung to the tune of Lady Ga-Ga's "Poker Face")

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I tried to load these pictures last week, but the site was having technical difficulties. I know I've been remiss in posting lately, but you could have been looking at these a week ago. It wasn't my fault. I'm must sayin'.

Sophie was one of the very first kids at the Bike-a-thon starting line.

Owen was there too. The Bike-a-thon was a family affair.

Try not to notice that Owen is riding Sophie's old (somewhat purple) Dora bike. He won't ride the other, more manly motorcycle he has.

A look of extreme Bike-a-thon concentration.

On your marks...get set...

There she goes! Sophie was a great bike-rider, and she even chose to go around the track 3 extra times.
Owen peddled (and by that I mean he pushed off the ground with his feet) for dear life to keep up with all those big kids. He was holding his own really well until Greg made eye contact with him. At that point, Owen preferred to finish the Bike-a-thon on foot.

Post Bike-a-thon cool down. Lydia was there too!
After the Bike-a-thon, the school hosted a fun family carnival. Our kids liked the petting zoo.

And they got their faces painted by Miss Emily, Sophie's teacher.

It was a great time! Thanks to all the family members who made contributions!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sophie's First Day of School...Ever!

Greg worked from home on Tuesday so he could join us for Sophie's first day of school ever. We started the day off with a donut breakfast. Donuts are better than Wheaties on the first day of school, you know.

Of course, Owen got one too...even though it wasn't his first day of school.

What a good way to start the day!

Ummm...let's try that again.
That's more like it. Almost.
Owen wasn't quite ready to go yet, but we took this picture while Sophie was compliant. And she was only compliant because we wouldn't turn a cartoon on until she let us take some pictures. Yes, we are excellent parents.
The backpack (which is about as big as she is). Strawberry Shortcake!

Owen can now say "backpack" and insisted on wearing his to school also. His is Spider Man. And significantly smaller.
When we arrived at school, Sophie's good friend Lily was also just arriving. From then on, we adults might as well have returned to our cars and just driven away for all they cared. They held hands and traipsed into school without a backward glance. (I was secretly kind of glad that it went this way instead of the way I was imagining, which was of me wrenching Sophie's arms from my neck while she and I both sobbed.)

We found her coathook with her name on a yellow butterfly.

Then she marched into the room and immediately started to play in the sand exploration area. We did get a few quick hugs and kisses in before leaving, though it did feel a bit like a "don't let the door hit you on the way out" kind of good-bye.
I can't believe my kid is in school!