Friday, November 6, 2009

Duluth Vacation: Part One

We went on a family vacation to Duluth a few weeks back. I told a friend we were going on vacation, and her face lit up. "Where?" she asked excitedly. "Duluth!" I told her. "Oh," she said, her face falling. Duluth may not seem like an especially thrilling autumnal vacation to take, but it was reasonably priced, and we could drive there. So we did it. And we had a funner than super-fun time! (One of Sophie's new expressions)

Getting ready to go with their car toys
We made a stop at the tourist information place upon entering Duluth. Greg was excited for the kids to see the view as this was a particularly fond childhood memory of his. Our kids mostly liked all the brochures all over the lobby of the building.

We tried (almost each night) to let the kids try sleeping in the same bed. It usually ended after Sophie complained 20 times that Owen was poking her in the back, head, and up the nose. Then he got confined to his own pack-n-play, and Sophie could sleep in peace. But it was Sophie who wanted to give it a try each night.

Our first day, we visited the Children's Museum/Train Museum.

Our kids each loved playing "bank."

And grocery store.

They both really liked the trains, but got a little freaked out by some unannounced Halloween decorations (we visited near the holiday). Then they needed Greg to enter the train cars first to give the "all clear!"

There was even a little train to play with.

We had a coupon (surprise, surprise!) that got us a good deal on these joined museums. I'd say it was well worth the money. We spent the whole morning checking out the children's museum and trains, had a picnic lunch, and then headed back into the children's museum for a bit in the afternoon. I'd recommend it!


Mommy Missionary said...

I finally went there for the first time last winter on Family Day - $1 per person! :) So I'm offended that not only did one of your friends think Duluth wasn't cool but that you didn't call us! :) Looks like you had a very well planned out fun trip.

Bren said...

I think I might be the one to offend, not sure but lots of people are doing Disney Cruises and such so Duluth just does not sound the same although it was a highlight on our summer and spring getaways.

gianna said...

okay, so bren, we can't be comparing!!!!! duluth is AWESOME! i lived in two harbors for a couple of year growing up and i loved to stop at the tourist info center on the hill. we did, i don't know why.