Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Little Pony Birthday

Please bear with my pictures.  Our regular camera is broken, so I had to use our cheap, junky camera.  The one that makes me as mad as a visit to Walmart does.

Sophie had very specific requests regarding her birthday cake this year.  She wanted it to be rainbow, with chocolate chips and strawberries and ponies.  I tried to encourage a little more classy taste by steering her away from every single element in one cake.  So, we pretty much removed the strawberries and nothing else.  But we did have chocolate-covered strawberries for lunch! 

 Those sprinkles are rainbow-candy-coated chocolate chips.

 This was the first year the girls actually got excited about the cake that I slaved over.  Rainbows are always a hit with 6 year old girls.  I was told by one guest that next year I need to make it a chocolate swirl cake with chocolate sprinkles.  I told her that when her mom hires me to cater her birthday, she can order whatever kind of cake she wants!!  ha-ha!

 We started the party out with some face-painting while all the girls were arriving.  Some guests got REALLY into it.
 Even Owen did.

I was anticipating hearts and flowers.  This is what I got...

We played some games...Musical Chairs (with pony pictures), Pass the Pony (hot potato), and Pin the Tail on the Pony. I was the ringleader, so I only got one game picture after the fact. It was a total circus!

 Sophie chose hotdogs and Doritoes for her birthday lunch.
 There were lots of nice gifts from sweet friends.

 There were also "unicorn hats" with curly manes.
 Here they are!  (We took this picture before Ella arrived, and I forgot to get another one before she left!).  This is Sophie, Alexina, Noelle, Owen, Lily, Cora & Lydia. 
It was a very fun, wild &crazy, girly time!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kid Quotes

I'm not even done posting Disney pictures yet, and Sophie's My Little Pony birthday party pictures will be forthcoming, but I wanted to get these out while it's fresh in my mind (and because I don't have time to load the pictures right now)...

I overheard these comments during the general conversation happening over Sophie's birthday party hotdog lunch:

Conversation A:
Girl #1:  Christmas is Jesus favorite holiday because it's His birthday.

Girl#2:  Yeah, and Easter.  Because that one's all about Him too.

Conversation B:
Girl #3:  Owen is so lucky.  He gets to sit by the funny guy.
(This comment was made in regard to Owen as he sat at the little table, seperate from all the girls because there wasn't room for him at the big table.  The "funny guy" was Greg.)