Saturday, November 7, 2009

Duluth: Part 2

On one of our Duluth days, we visited the Great Lakes Aquarium. We couldn't take flash photography in there, so not many pictures turned out. Again, we had a coupon, so we got a good deal on our visit. We were glad we'd had a coupon and had not paid full price. Perhaps our kids are a bit young, or perhaps it was just a little disappointing. Not sure which, but it wasn't the highlight of our trip. We still had a fun time, though. Just not funner than super fun.

There's the aerial lift bridge in the background! We (and by we, I mean Greg) kept watching for ships so that we could see one up close. Greg was checking every few minutes to try to catch one. He finally gave up. Then, while eating our picnic lunch, he and I turned to look out the window at precisely the same time and...gasp! There was a ship right next to us out the window! Our kids were unamused.

Later that night we had an ice cream treat at the DQ in Canal Park...the one that is half DQ, half gas station convenience store. Us and a bunch of junior high kids. Sweet!
This was our mad house breakfast room. We had to majorly strategize to get our breakfast in a timely way each morning.
The kids liked the self-service sink due to our cooler.

On another day, we visited the Lake Superior Zoo (I think that's what it's called). Again, we had coupons (duh!). Again, I think I'm glad we didn't pay full price. Nothing stellar, though the bears were cool. I think we most enjoyed hiking around in the woods near the zoo.

These are the best pumpkin pictures of the kids I could muster this year.

This room in the zoo had a bunch of little critters for the kids to look at. I think we spent the most time in here going from cage to cage and back again. Oh, I forgot to mention that we got to witness a bat feeding earlier in the morning. Little bats and really big bats...CREEPY! But fascinating.

This was the hiking part of the zoo. Loved it!

If all else fails, this may end up being our Christmas card. Pretend you never saw it.
Stay tuned...there's even more Duluth fun to come!


gianna said...

when we went to that zoo when i was a kid, i hated HATED having to go between the snake cages to get inside. please tell me that they have changed that. ooooh, it still gives me the creeps!

Florida Family of Four said...

Love the pictures! I know I say this every time, but I can't believe how grown up and big your kids are getting! Please make it stop.

Love you!


Cassie said...

Wow! So many good pictures, and all very smiley! That's always a plus!

Wendy said...

You guys always have the best pictures! I love Duluth, there's so much to do and see. Did you go to the Glensheen mansion?? I love that place!