Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sophie and Owen were still a bit under the weather last night, so I went to Cubbies by myself. On my way home, I stopped to return our library DVDs and to pick up a few new ones I thought Sophie might enjoy. I found a kids "Learn Ballet" DVD. Sophie's been all about ballet lately--she likes to pretend to be a "balla-nina," so I thought we'd give it a try.

First, she had to don the appropriate attire.

She followed the directions...position 1, position 2...

Owen did too.
Soon Sophie was asking, "When are they going to dance, Mom?" I tried to explain that they were learning all those positions to get ready to dance, but she quickly grew bored (with me) with the lack of real dancing.

She moved on to another dancing outfit--the twirly dress. It's really all about the twirling, you know.

Later on, she was back to being a "balla-nina." I told her to show me how a ballerina stands. This is what I got...
There was no coaching involved...I just took pictures.
In no time at all, though, she was on to actual dancing. Decidedly non-balla-nina dancing. It looked a little hip-hop, if you ask me.
And while she was in this favorable mood, I suggested she get her picture taken with Owen. She willingly obliged...amazing!

Yes, that's food on Owen's face. I knew it was there.


Cassie said...

She's the most beautiful balla-nina in the whole world...and Owen, too. I hope Greg knows about this! Get Owen some tights--he's ready to go!

Florida Family of Four said...

I have been waiting for this day to come... the day Owen decided to do something girly!! Greg made fun of Jared all the time when he was little and playing dress up with his friends (girls). He said his own son would never do anything like that. YAY for Owen!! Please continue to encourage him as he gets in touch with his feminine side on his path to self-discovery... :)

PS- I will be getting him tights for Christmas.

PPS- I agree with Cassie: Sophie is the most beautiful little ballanina EVER!

Michelle said...

I actually learned a lot about ballet from that series of pictures!