Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving at my parents' house along with my sisters and their families. The kids all had a great time chasing each other around. Owen tried his best to keep up with the older girls.

Thanksgiving dinner kids' table--cousins and friends

Chilling out downstairs while the adults cleaned up

Doing snowflake crafts

We did my family's Christmas on Thanksgiving night. Owen wanted to open everyone's presents but his own.

The really little kids table
All the girls got special dolls for Christmas

Owen loved "playing" Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh with Jozie. Sophie doesn't let him play at our house.
All the kids in their new Christmas pjs

Owen's first sledding experience. It ended (abruptly) with a face plant in the snow.

More crafts...I just love crafts (Day 1)
(Day 2)
Helping Grandma make cookies

Helping Grandpa grill the hotdogs and brats
Trying out the new princess table & chairs

Watching a "scary" movie (Jurassic Park 3)

More snow fun (this time without Owen)
Uncle Paul rigged up a sledding "hill" on the deck stairs


Florida Family of Four said...

Jurassic Park 3?? I'd be scared too! Looks like you guys had a great time.. I love the picture of the kids in their Christmas pj's!

Florida Family of Four said...

I was looking at the pictures again and decided I absolutely HAD to comment on how fun it is to see Sophie in fairy wings and a princess crown!! She's quite a girl.. :)