Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

This post is really to help our Florida family to feel like they were at Christmas this year!

We travelled to Greg's Grandmas' town to celebrate Christmas with both sides of the family down there. These pictures are from our traditional Christmas Eve celebration with Grandma C's side of the family. We have soup (this year, my white chicken chili--so sorry to steal your thunder, Russ!) and hotdogs (this year, Tracy's pigs in a blanket).

Mary, Tracy, Megan & Bill (aunt, uncle & cousins)
Russ, Grandma C & Andrea (Greg's parents & grandma)
We were all drinking non-alcoholic, sparkling juice, in case anybody wonders...

Carey, Sophie, Greg, Owen (try not to notice the nose-picking)

Owen basically stuffed his face full of food the whole weekend. After a week's worth (plus some!) of no appetite, he had some major catching up to do. He can sign "more" now, and he pretty much does it at all times. Whenever anyone got anywhere near the kitchen area, they were his new best friend.

The whole gang at the Christmas Eve church service.

We open the C family gifts on Christmas Eve. It's a crazy time! Here, Owen is doing what he likes best...climbing on top of the presents.
Owen & Grandma

Cousins Tracy & Megan
Owen needed some assistance to get his presents opened. And then he pretty much just wanted what Sophie had anyway.

This is a throw-back to a picture from long ago, evidently. Janelle will appreciate it.

When Sophie finished (very patiently and nicely) opening her presents, she looked over at me and said, "I'm tired. I want to go to bed now." Okay!! But not before leaving out cookies and carrots for Santa and the reindeer.


Florida Family of Four said...

Awww.. I love the pictures!!! It almost made me feel like I was there, minus the snow and the chaos. And yes, I knew before I read the caption on dad's picture what it was referring to.. the old Davy Crockett brown toilet set pose.. :) It looks like everyone had a great time-- sorry I missed your chili!


Florida Family of Four said...

PS-- The picture of you guys at the table with you and Greg looking all cute, Sophie picking her nose and Owen reaching for food is my new desktop background. It makes me chuckle EVERY TIME I see it!