Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Owen's first haircut

Owen's hair has been getting a lately. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Okay, I did. It's so great to have a boy! Not much to mess up in the hair department. Greg has his own set of clippers, so we (I) went to town on Owen's hair, using the longest attachment to start. It turned out just right!

And Owen just sat there and took it.

Sometimes it tickled a little, though.


Gordon Magee said...

What did you do to my little boy? So cute, I laughed right out loud when I saw the picure of him holding his little hands in his lap with no shirt on. Did Sophie want her's cut as well? Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Cassie said...

Ah! He's going to be just like his dad. I love the pictures.

Mrs. E. said...

And boy does Owen look just like his dad, huh? Well, you inspired me, Carey. I started my own blog too. (
I found yours through Facebook. You sure do a great job taking lots of pictures. Owen was born just after Ava, I think. Aren't they busy? Oh my goodness, she is into everything! The house is a disaster!
Great Job Blogging!
Heather E.

Florida Family of Four said...

The second to the last picture with Owen's sad little face is so precious. He's such a brave little guy! (And you are a brave mommy to do that yourself!!)


gianna said...

oh, he is so cute!