Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sophie and I baked and decorated cookies (and some other goodies) to send in little packages to the neighbors for Christmas. She worked very diligently with me on the decorating this year. She would have kept going, but we eventually ran out of cookies.

After the cookies had time to dry, we packed them up with some homemade hot chocolate mix and dipped pretzels. Greg took Sophie and Owen around to deliver the boxes to the neighbors. It was crazy cold out, so they really bundled up.

Greg dragged the kids on one sled and the boxes on another. Owen wasn't too thrilled to be sledding. His last (and first!) experience on a sled left him face-down in the snow, remember? He only made it to the nearest neighbor's house on the sled, and after that Greg just carried him. Nothing like spreading a little holiday cheer with a wailing baby outside your door!!


Gordon Magee said...

Oh my precious babies! I wish that I was one of your neighbors, how nice of you to share your cookies. I'm glad we all got to see pictures of the process. Hope you have a great holiday and that everyone stays well.
Love MOm

Florida Family of Four said...

I want to be your neighbor too!!! Glad you guys are beginning to get well-- Wish I was there to help eat the cookies!

Love ya!