Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Right Here in Rivercity (name that movie!)

(Pay no attention to that mess on the counter)


Florida Family of Four said...

Music Man Music Man Music Man!!!

Wendy said...

Okay... I couldn't name the movie, but knew it was a musical.

Question: Do you have your camera strapped to your hip all day long?

Comment: Methinks you'll have to get lead weighted booties for your little monkey-boy. He'll be climbing up the side of the house before long.

Gerrit said...

Aw man, Janelle beat me to it! He's too cute to be naughty!

Florida Family of Four said...

Yes, to make it clear...it was Janelle and not me who guessed it. I'm sure most of you thought it was me..haha. What's Music Man?


Cassie said...

Oh, and it was Cassie who made the comment and not Gerrit. Whoops! Music Man is a CLASSIC! You should definitely go out and rent it!