Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day

We started off Christmas morning with gifts from Santa at Grandma C's house. Our kids were awake before 7, so we distracted them with food until people woke up.
Here, Owen is signing "more."
Trying out his new phone from Santa

Ponies!! Exactly what she told Santa she wanted!

Around noon, we headed up to Grandma E's to celebrate with that side of the family. Here, Sophie and cousin Katie are doing make-overs with one of Katie's gifts.
They did Andrea too!
Katie got more and more beautiful as the day went on.
All the fun wore Owen out.
The girls had such a good time together.

Lunch! Cousin Wendy & Sug.
Katie & Sophie
Me & Aunt Diane

Uncle Marlow, Cousin Denise & Jason

Russ & Grandma E (his mom)
Greg & Andrea (his mom)
Playing Santa Claus...guess who was Santa Claus...

Sophie with her homemade gift for Grandma--snowflake window clings

The traditional family pictures--The M's

And the E's. I put in both pictures that we got. No amount of photoshopping could get me to one picture where we all looked good. Try not to notice that I screwed up both pictures.

Great Grandma with the Great-grandkids


Mrs. E. said...

Happy New Year Carey! I love your new family photo - all in the greens.

Rainiedavis said...

I see a "pony girl" is in the works. Tell Sophie if she would only come to Iowa, I will give her LOTS of pony rides! Love, Aunt Rainie (aka I shouldda been a cowgirl!)

Denise said...

Love the pictures! Who took the picture of me stuffing my face? I don't remember that.
Katie has pretty much used up all the "makeup" she got for Christmas. Glad Sophie and Katie had such a good time together.