Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow Fun

For some reason, unknown and un-understood by me, Greg was fixated on taking Sophie out in the woods to roast hotdogs while we were visiting down south for Christmas. She was all for it, especially when marshmallows got involved (no graham crackers though, she made a point of telling me...Daddy didn't think of that!). Thankfully, Grandpa tagged along. He kept cooking food and feeding Sophie while Greg continually collected dry, fallen branches to burn on their fire. They returned home with rosy cheeks, cold toes and smelling like smoke, but they had a good time. Later that night while changing into pjs for bed, Sophie said, "My underwear smell like roasted marshmallows!"

Zoom in...that's a hot chocolate goatee.

A night later, Greg and Sophie went outside to play in Grandma C's yard. She lives in farmland, so there were huge drifts in her backyard. Greg dug a cave out of one, and he and Sophie crawled inside. There may have been talk of sleeping in there, but nothing too serious.


Cassie said...

What fun! I bet you wish Owen's pants smelled like roasted marshmallows, too!

Gordon Magee said...

What fun outdoor pictures! Watch out next year the guys will want Sophie to go hunting deer. "you can't shoot deer!" What a great dad you are Greg.