Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome, Logan!

We have a new family member! Logan Tyler was born yesterday to Brad, Janelle, and Big Brother Jared. He was 7 lbs. 11 oz. and has a head of hair. He decided to bump up his scheduled c-section and surprise the heck out of everybody. We're so glad he's here safely and that he and mom are doing well.

We heard the joyous news last night just as our own kids were getting out of the tub and into their pjs. Sophie kept leaping around yelling, "You have a new cousin, Owen!" After she said this several times, I explained that Logan was her new cousin too. "But there's only one baby," she said. Yes, I explained, but he is for all of us. "Oh," she said thoughtfully, "Do we get to keep him?!"

Yes, we do...forever and ever...just not at our house. And we're so thankful for that...the forever part, I mean. Congratulations, you guys!


Wendy said...

The Marsh side of the family is very excited too. Denise and I were both brought to tears this morning when we logged on to Brad's Blog. We are beyond happy for Brad, Janelle & Jared. Logan is truly a blessing from God.

Florida Family of Four said...

Thanks Carey!! We appreciate all of the support and prayers over the past months of the pregnancy! I'm pretty sure I can speak for Janelle in saying we are all glad this part is over and our new "leaf" is turning over!