Monday, January 26, 2009

New Skates

Greg has been wanting to get ice skates for Sophie since last winter (when we didn't get it taken care of soon enough to make it worth it), and we finally got some for her! We gave them to her for an early birthday present so we could get some use out of them while the weather was balmy enough to be outside.

They were the only double-runner adjustable skates I could find for her size. You can check them out here for yourself if you're interested. This was the best deal on these skates that I found. I like that they are adjustable and will fit Sophie for a several winters. I like that they are double-runner so she can get the hang of skating without also having to balance on one blade. I also like the price--around $18, with shipping! And they just strap on to her boots, so she didn't have to take off her boots to put on freezing skates (a not-fun memory I have from childhood).
Check out all the fun she had skating with Daddy!

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