Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trip to the Big Mall

We took black Grandma & Grandpa to the airport yesterday, and since we were in the neighborhood, I thought we'd make a trip to the big mall for some fun. We arrived earlier than most stores were open, so we stopped for a treat at Barnes & Noble. Sophie picked out a really tasty rice krispie bar, which we all shared.

(Shut up about the green turtleneck)

Then we went to a big aquarium that's in the mall. It was our first time. We had a coupon for a free child's admission with a paid adult, and Owen was free. There's no way we would have gone otherwise--it was expensive!
Here, the kids are checking out the Nemo fish.
(Not) touching the touchable stingrays and sharks. I did, though. Slimy, but cool.
After the aquarium, which was very cool, we scoured around for some free treats. Here, Sophie is sampling different teas (she said they tasted like flowers) while Owen naps.
We also spent a good deal of time in Legoland.
Owen had a tough time reaching the Legos.
It was much easier to reach from on top of the table.

Later he moved onto a table more his size.

We finished up with a special lunch at A&W in the food court--mini corn dogs! Sophie, rubbing her belly, proclaimed the cheese sauce to be really yummy.

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Dyer Importance... said...

Kari - teachers get a free membership to the aquarium! You just have to ask. Then anyone who comes in with you is half the cost. I use it all the time as we visit the big mall often since Jeremy works nearby. It makes me feel like the drive was even more worthwhile!