Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We are a fake Christmas tree family, for various reasons. Greg grew up with fake trees...I grew up with real. Greg is allergic to real trees...he wins. The mess of a real tree is a little daunting too. Plus, when all is said and done, we're both really too cheap to fork over the cash to buy a new tree each year. He at least let me buy a new (non-garage sale, hand-me-down, 3-feet tall tree from our first year of marriage) fake tree of my choosing. I got this one with a coupon at JoAnn's a few years back, and I love it!! It's kind of skinny, which fits perfectly in our little house.

My little elves helped me put it up.

Both Sophie and Owen enjoyed putting the snowflake ornaments on the big tree. We have a very well-decorated lower third of a tree.

I took care of the top two-thirds.

We think the finished product looks pretty good, if we do say so ourselves.

The kids and I were working on the big tree, our "pretty" tree. When Greg and I first got married, we didn't have many ornaments (okay, one, that we bought on our honeymoon). I wanted to do a pretty, thematic tree that wouldn't cost a fortune to fill with ornaments the first year. So, I chose snowflakes. I've been collecting snowflake ornaments since then.
We do have a little "Charlie Brown" tree that we put other ornaments on. Those are the kids' ornaments they get each Christmas (we've only a few of those since the kids are so young yet), our anniversary ornaments (we were married around Christmas and buy an ornament on each anniversary wherever we are celebrating), and gift ornaments that we've been given. This year I left the breakables off because I'm not sure what Owen will do with the trees yet. Someday, we're going to have to switch the trees because we're getting quite a collection on the little tree and it may fall over someday!

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Denise said...

Your trees are VERY cute. And can I relate to the bottom half of the tree being decorated by little hands!

It's nice to know that Katie isn't the only one who likes to run around the house in summer dresses when it's freezing cold outside!