Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pre-School Birthday Celebration

Sophie got to be at school on her actual birthday. They really do it up right at her school! Owen and I were invited to stay for the opening activities as Sophie's class celebrated her special day.

Sophie started out with a little hand-print painting with Miss Jen, the student teacher.

I think they were making a banner.

Owen got to join in on circle time. That's Lily on the left, by the way.
Owen loves school!
Sophie got to sit in the special chair, and look who got to join her! (The paint didn't really wash off all that well)

Sophie got to blow out (real) candles on a (fake) birthday cake. One of my highlights of the morning was listening in as Miss Jen lead the kids in singing a "We don't play with matches" song while lighting the candles. Hilarious! And very pre-school appropriate...make every moment a teachable moment, I guess.
Sophie got to help lift the flaps on the birthday book.
Again, Owen joined her. Here, Miss Jen is showing the class the birthday cake that Sophie made for the class book.
They finished the time by showing the paper that Sophie (I) filled out to tell the class about herself. Little factoids like...her favorite colors are pink and purple.
It was a very special time, and I'm so glad Owen and I got to stay to see it all!


Gordon Magee said...

Love it, love it all! What a special day for a special little girl and her favorite brother!
Love mom

Florida Family of Four said...

So sweet! What a fun school she has!