Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recital Pictures

Ballerina Sophie, posing before her dress rehearsal

Watching the other dancers while she waits for her turn on the stage

Recital day! This is the starting position in her routine.
Waiting in the dressing room with her friends.
I thought some of you might appreciate seeing her fancy hair. Foam rollers are awesome!
We didn't get any good pictures of the actual performance--no flash allowed. This is hugging Daddy after the show.
She got flowers! A bouquet from the general family and roses from Aunt Janelle.

Are those for me?
These flowers are stinky! (They really were!)
But she held her breath and posed for a nice picture.

Yellow Grandma & Grandpa
Black Grandma & Grandpa
Gerrit & Cassie
Family birthday party pictures coming soon!

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