Monday, June 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Thank goodness my mom invested in this giant tube.  It provides entertainment for our kids in every season.
Little brothers are so pesky.
Some family members of a more athletic persuasion played a little softball. 
These two puddin' heads were the outfielders.
Spectating from box seats.
My family!  (Denna, Gordon, Carey, Cassie & Courtney)
Cassie & Gerrit (aren't they cute??  They dressed the same on purpose)
They surprised me and celebrated my birthday.  This is me thanking Courtney's family for the cute card, which I soon found out was also signed by Cassie & Gerrit...because Cassie was the one who actually bought the card and graciously let Court's fam sign it too since they forgot a card.  I was embarrassed.
We spent a morning playing at the beach in the middle of town.  It's the one we wouldn't have been caught dead at when we grew up there (all those dang tourists!), but now that we're tourists ourselves we totally love it!
Greg and Owen spent a lot of time on the dock.
Owen wanted to jump off, but Greg had to show him how it was done first.  Good form!
A little pep talk...
Lift off...
Nice spash...

They stuck the landing!


Cassie said...

Great pictures! But we did NOT dress the same on purpose, thank you very much. We are just so in sync with each other, it sometimes happens. :)

Florida Family of Four said...

Cassie- I'm not sure if your sister admitted this to you or not, but I specifically remember a family trip to Duluth when Greg and Carey dressed alike. On purpose. The whole trip. Seriously. And, bless their hearts, they brought along a typed out itinerary, down to the minute, of course, of all the activities and hikes they planned to take part in!

Great pictures, Carey! I love the ones of the kids in the outfield- so precious! I had to put my sunglasses on to look at the pictures of my pasty brother without a shirt.. :) Adorable pictures of them jumping off the dock!!!

Carey said...

Hey! We did not dress the same repeatedly on purpose...only once. And we have never (purposely) done it again. And the typed itinerary thing was all Greg. He has since lightened up--he only plans down to the half hour now!