Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disney: Part Three

I am never going to get through this trip at the this rate!!

Day three was the first of the seriously cold days.  We went to Hollywood Studios and started the day in stocking hats and mittens.

We rode the Toy Story ride first thing...along with everyone else and their brother.   
We saw the Beauty and the Beast live show.  Amazing!

Annie and Leo (??) from the show Little Einsteins.  It's one of my favorite shows on Playhouse Disney, actually.
Handy Manny.
Waiting for the parade.  Greg tried to postpone putting his hat on, but eventually he couldn't stand it either.  It was super, crazy cold!

A really great "cast member" named George hooked us up with a great parade spot.  As we were looking for a place to wait, he approached us and asked what characters our kids particularly liked. We told him Toy Story.  He said, "Follow me."  And he lead us to this spot where we were sure to get a good view of our favorites.  They stopped right in front of our feet.  Awesome!

Mike and Sully from Monters Inc.
We stopped to play in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids park. 
Owen got to meet Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars.
We then had a really fun supper at Pizza Planet.  When we got back outside, it was dark out, and this is what we saw...
The Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights.  The whole (fake) downtown area was covered in lights that were flashing to the beat of Christmas music.  Our kids particularly got a kick out of the (fake) snow that was blowing off of the top of the buildings down onto all of us.  It was tiny soap bubbles, but it certainly felt cold enough to be real snow!

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I love the picture of you guys with Mike and Sully!!