Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day Weekend, we headed back to Yellow Grandma's again, this time without every other person we're related to...except for Great Grandma T. She was there before we got there, and we were glad our visits overlapped. And except for Cassie, too. She surprised us and showed up unexpectedly. So, nevermind. I guess other relations were there. Just not so many this time.
One of the days we got to go to Grandpa's work and see some really cool marine life (a.k.a. unique/unusual corral and some super expensive fish). It was really fascinating! I could have stayed longer to look around.

The kids liked it too and even got to touch a few critters. This one was a little too spidery for me, but the kids loved it.
We spent time playing outside, and we had a campfire so we could roast hotdogs and marshmallows.

We also went down to the lake to catch some fish off the dock. We had brought the kids' fishing poles just in case of such an adventure.

Owen was very enthusiastic about casting his (rubber tire) line in the hopes of catching a fish. He was so excited that at one point the whole pole went in the lake. Greg nearly had to leap in after it.

Grandpa helped Sophie put some bait (hotdogs) on her hook. Trial and error led us to the conclusion that fish love hotdogs, and that the tiniest of pieces works best.
We let Owen take some turns with Sophie's rod too, as hers was the only one set up for real bait and a hook. He was a very determined reeler-inner.
There's a fish on there, Owen! Keep reeling!
He did it!

He was so excited!

Sophie caught a couple too.
It's hard to say what the highlight of the weekend was...seeing and touching really exotic fish, watching "Finding Nemo" with the grandparents (Owen now says "Meemo" all the time and wants to watch the movie daily...not that we let him), or catching our own fish with hotdog leftovers. I guess it was all our favorite!

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