Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pre-School Open House

Last week, we went to visit Sophie's new preschool. This was the only picture she let us take. I tried to get one by the coat hook with her name on it, but she would not comply.

While at the open house, we ran into my friend Kari, my crazy-good-deal finder friend Kari. She gave us a tip about some free ice cream at a local ice cream shop...the only hitch was we had to wear our pajamas there. All of us. If we wanted free ice cream, that is. And we did want free ice cream, so we did it. The kids thought it was so funny. (Those are Sophie's new ballerina pajamas, complete with tutu. Owen's have drum-playing bears on them. How appropriate).
This little horse was at the ice cream place, and all the little girls took turns "riding" it.


Mommy Missionary said...

We would totally do that for free ice cream!

Mark and Jill said...

We know that ice cream store! It's Hometown Creamery, right! We've been there and know those bright red walls. Great stuff!

Florida Family of Four said...

I'm VERY disappointed there are no pictures of Mommy and Daddy in their pj's! What a fun idea since everyone knows ice cream tastes better when wearing pajamas.