Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Big Zoo

Sophie will be starting Preschool soon (be still my heart), so I took the kids on a somewhat last-hurrah outing to the big zoo. We had a really great time!

Here is Daddy's favorite, the moose.

Caribou...I love their coffee.
The wagon ride out to the farm.

Some goats inside the building were getting a check-up from doctors. They were screaming! The kids (and me too) were fascinated with the poor goats' plight. The goats had their hearts listened to and were getting pokes, just like people do.

Sophie said, "I can see her udders!" She said this about the goats and the pigs as well.
Little chick #1
Little chick #2

The zoo has a fun water area that we have only seen during the winter (sans water), so this was our first time to experience the fun of it.

Mommy was smart enough to bring swimsuits and towels, though we likely could have done without and been just fine. My kids don't like water outside of the bathtub. And even then, if it touches their faces, they're done.

See, they're staying on the perimeter. No splashing for them.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Here's a renegade, though. She's thinking about getting wet.

You can tell she wants to.

She did it! And she was very proud of herself!

We visited the butterfly house. They like to eat watermelon too!


We were told not to touch the butterflies but that if they landed on us it was okay. Sophie kept providing them many opportunities to land on her finger. No takers, though.


Wendy said...

Yeah!!! A new blog update. It's so nice to see their cute little faces again... and everyone else's too. =)

Florida Family of Four said...

Looks like a fun trip to the zoo! Ditto on not liking water outside the tub!!