Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching up...August Camping

At the end of August, our family went camping with Black Grandma & Grandpa.  Yellow Grandma & Grandpa joined us a few days later...they'll be in a later post.

We went to Jay Cooke State Park, and it was magnificent!  We loved hiking near the river.  This was the "troll bride," as the kids called it.  Which was fitting because they traipsed along the bumpy hiking trails like little mountain goats.  The river water looked like "root beard."

The kids (and grandpa) found a dead snake on our walk.  We had to look for it each time we passed this spot throughout the week.
Cute little campers!
One of the highlights of this camping trip (for the kids...and grandpa) were whoopie cushions.  One of our favorite quotes from Owen:  "I want to whoopie you!"  The kids weren't very subtle in their whoopie cushion placement, but they sure got a kick out of the various fart noises!
Grandma and especially Sophie spent a lot of time reading through this book.  By the end of this week, they'd read every story in the collection!
We spent a day in nearby Duluth.  We rented a surrey with a fringe on top (I don't know if that's the real name, but it beats "6-person bicycle-thingy"). 
Grandma and Grandpa rode in the back so Greg and I could handle the brakes and steering.  Except that my steering wheel was merely for show...but that didn't keep me from desperately trying to steer us out of danger anyway!  I think we determined that the heavy effort of the pedaling must have come from the back of the bike, as Grandma & Grandpa were huffing & puffing the whole way and constantly asking to stop for breaks.  
These little slackers just enjoyed the ride on the basket on the front.
After our delightful bike ride (we laughed until we cried...or at least I did!), we had a lovely picnic.  Part shade, part sun, to please everyone.
Then we went down to the water to climb on the rocks.  The kids used this one as a slide.
Christmas picture??!!

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