Thursday, September 16, 2010

More camping

This is the view from the "troll bridge" as we hiked near sunset one evening.

My mom and dad, Yellow Grandma & Grandpa.  They joined us for part of the weekend.  The kids slept in Black Grandma & Grandpa's camper, and these two slept in ours.  The kids may have gotten the better deal...there was air conditioning in the other camper!
We had marshmallows as big as your head for making s'mores. 
We hiked down to an overlook near the river so we could watch some crazy kayakers traverse the wild waters.
We were in the midst of potty training Owen that week, and since we were at our maximum time between potty stops and nowhere near a toilet, Greg took Owen for his first trip to go "wet in the woods."  I have another cuter picture to commemorate the event, but it involves partially bared little buns, so I didn't want to post it here.
Finally, the kayakers made their way down the river...the crazies!
We had fun watching them put themselves in harms way for our entertainment.
On the way back to the campground, we also checked out a pioneer cemetery.  Pioneers did not generally live terribly long lives. 
Later that day, college friends of ours who live nearby brought their clown car full of children by to visit and have a campfire.  Our kids enjoyed their kids.
And everyone enjoyed cooking over the fire.
Michelle...and a few of her kids.
More of her kids.
Mike and Greg were roommates one year...I think sophomore year.
They still get along really well. 
We enjoy spending time with Mike and Michelle whenever we get a chance, so it was fun to have them visit us while we were camping.

There are still more camping pictures to come.  I hope you can stand it!


Mark and Jill said...


I found your blog a while back, and have really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Your kids are growing up so fast! It's just amazing - and they are so very cute. I love how you guys camp and include family and friends. Sounds like lots of fun full of great memory making! Say 'hi' to the rest of the family for us!

Jill and family

Wendy said...

Great photos. Looks like you guys had a great time. Sug and I were just up at the North Shore the beginning of August with my parents for a few days of camping too.

We truly do live in a beautiful state!

Mommy Missionary said...

We had fun visiting you too! Sorry for all the crazy clown car chaos.