Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vision Walk

Last month, our family joined Lydia's family and lots of other families to walk around Lake Harriet to raise money in a "Vision Walk."  Vision Walk is the national signature fundraising event of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and this walk around Lake Harriet raised over $120,000 to aid in research for fighting blindness.

It was a beautiful Fall day.  Our group was called "Lydia's Princess Parade," and so we dressed the part.

 Todd & Lydia
 Lots of pink people (some of Lydia's family)
 Laura with some of Lydia's vision teachers.  They were good sports!
 There were a lot of other groups there.
 These two don't own pink clothing, but they wanted to be supportive anyway.

 This is the start of the walk.  We were toward the middle of the pack.  That quickly changed to the end of the totally bringing up the rear.  No big deal!  It wasn't a race.
It was a family event, so people kind of took their time about meandering around the lake.
 This was part of our view as we curved around the path on the lake.  Beautiful!

 Lydia's Grandma Cheryl and vision teacher "big Lydia."
 Another beautiful view!
 These little dudes, Drew & Owen, had a good time together.

 Laura & Lydia

Our family really enjoyed the great outdoors on such a lovely day and for a lovely cause.  We had a good time together and with the other folks who were walking with us.
 We finally made it to the end, and everyone was still in good humor.
It probably helped that their Vision Walk was 80% stroller ride and 20 % actual walk!

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