Thursday, November 4, 2010

13th Annual Halloween Party

We had our Halloween party last weekend.  Attendance was way up compared to recent years.  We had 26 people in our teeny-tiny house!  I made my customary "bloody fingers."  My kids have been eating the leftover fingers for days now. 
 Lots of people came in costume this year...Kris (bee) and Pete (Bobby Flay from Food Network)
 Jodie (a s'more!), Bryan (the Hamburglar...he was carrying a McD's happy meal earlier), and Caleb (Maverick from Top Gun)
 Gerrit (I don't even know, but it was scary.  He kept just standing in corners not talking to anyone.  Creepy.) & Cassie (pregnant butterfly)
 Ryan & Sarah (prom couple...that's her real prom dress from high school.  And now I hate her.)
 Greg (Darth Vader) and me (Amy Winehouse...the tattoos still have not washed off)
 Bill (Rescued Chilean miner...he hopped in the door with this on and wore it for about 2 more minutes) & Kari (a girl scout)
 Intense battles of Connect 4 were fought.  Some down to the very last space.
 See?  There's Gerrit being creepy again.

 It came down to me: 3rd place!!,  Todd:  2nd place, and Greg:  1st place.  Though I was in it for the fortune and glory, of course, I could have done without the spoils of my battle.  I had actually purchased two extra boxes of cereal for our kids to enjoy, and now we get to enjoy four.

Prizes were awarded for the top two costumes.  Caleb (Maverick) got 2nd place, and he enjoyed the crinkly wrappers on all the gourmet Halloween candy.  Bill, the Chilean miner, received first prize, but he had taken off the costume (big surprise), so I didn't take his picture.
We had such a good time with friends, some of whom we haven't seen at a Halloween party for a few years.  The snacks were tasty, the competition was fierce, and we got to play dress-up!  It was a super-fun time!

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Bren said...

Love the pictures! Steve loved that you were Amy! Hopefully next year!