Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mawy Twismas

We travelled to my parent's house for Christmas.  They actually had some snow there!  All the kids and Greg went sledding down the road to the lake on our 30-year old sleds.

 Aunt Cassie lead cookie baking and decorating in an orderly fashion.
 We had an in-house Christmas Eve service.  The kids' contribution was a choreographed dance to a Justin Bieber Christmas song...at least it was Little Drummer Boy.  Which lead to the quote of the weekend by my mom..."Just think of how good you could have been if you'd had more time to practice!"
Most memorable event of the weekend...my dad fighting a muskrat (almost) to the death and coming out the victor.  I'll probably have to tell this story in a separate post.
 Owen, Jozie, Adeline, Sophie, Aubrey
 The 5:30 a.m. calm before the present-opening-storm
 More sledding.  Uncle Gerrit got in on the fun this time.

 Addie's first sledding experience.
 The traditional family pics by the Christmas tree...
Cassie, Courtney & Me
 Cassie, Adeline & Gerrit
 Me, Owen, Sophie & Greg
 Paul, Jozie, Courtney & Aubrey
 This year's group gift...union suits in all sizes! 
 The adults all got these as well, but most were unwilling to even put a leg into theirs let alone get their picture taken in one.  All except for Greg.  That picture is on his phone, though. 

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Gordon Magee said...

love it, love it ! We did have a great time, many good memories. mom