Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sophie's Rapunzel Party

We celebrated Sophie's 7th birthday today with a friend party.  It was a Rapunzel theme.  Thank goodness for my friend Laura who had done this for Lydia's birthday this past summer.  She lent us a bunch of stuff that made the party look cool.
This braid, for instance.  It trailed from the entryway back to the bedrooms.  We spent a 100 degree August day crafting it in her backyard last summer.  Good memories. 

 Another Laura addition.  Cute, huh?
 Sophie dressed as Rapunzel to greet her guests.
 She even had a Rapunzel braid in her hair.
 Another element borrowed from Laura...a pin the pan on Flynn Rider game.
 These were the little frying pans they had to hit him on the nose with. Cute!
 In Tangled, Rapunzel visits a pub called the Snuggly Duckling where she meets a lot of ruffians.

Our ruffians ate blue jello (lakes) with orange sailboats floating on top...
 ...and cinnamon/sugar braided breadsticks, hotdogs, Doritoes and fruit.
 When the girls arrived, they got to "paint the walls" like Rapunzel does in her tower.

 They took turns getting their hair braided and flowered by Laura--again, she was so helpful!  Couldn't have done it without her!
 The girls got to decorate their own floating lanterns.  This project did not go as well as I had planned--there was some frustration with keeping them open and un-crunched. 

 Then we played the pin the pan on Flynn Rider game.  Poor Flynn.
 Lunchtime!  One little guest told Greg, "I don't DO hotdogs," shortly after telling me, "Your house is small."  Thank you for sharing!  (don't worry anyone who actually reads this wasn't your kid!).
 Sophie received sweet notes from friends...

 ...lovely gifts...
 ...and even hand-decorated giftbags!
 Then, for a non-traditional birthday dessert we had rootbeer floats.  Fun!
 And as we waited for moms and dads to collect kids, we danced and sang to a little bit of music from the Tangled movie. 
It was a great time!

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Cassie said...

A+ to the Supermom, again! Wowza. You have such lucky kids. I can't believe how cool your parties are. (Good job to Laura, too!)