Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Princess Party

Sophie had her princess birthday party last Saturday, and we had a fabulous time! Five other little princesses and their moms arrived to help us celebrate, all decked out in various princess dresses and accessories. To start of the fun, the girls got to get make-overs. Their moms helped them paint their finger nails (and toe nails, in some cases), and then the girls went to town applying their own makeup! It was quite a sight! Those girls have obviously been watching their moms, though I'm sure most moms don't apply blue eye shadow to their lips (or the general vacinity of the lips). I decided they were just being inovative. After playing for a while, the girls also got to decorate crowns. Most enjoyed wearing the finished product, but our own little princess did not. So, sorry, no pictures of that.

Our dainty lunch consisted of heart-shaped sandwiches, (non-poisoned) apples and dip, crown-shaped cheese and crackers, rice-krispie treat wands, glass slipper jello jigglers, and pink (strawberry) milk. The grand finale was individual princess cupcakes, each topped with a Disney princess figurine to take home. We had only one little princess who was upset with the cupcake she got, so I figured we were successful. One out of six isn't bad!

Sophie got all kinds of lovely gifts from her friends. The girl that gave her the gift would sit next to Sophie and "help" her open it. In some cases that meant jabbing Sophie with a toy sword (so funny!) or ripping the tissue paper out before Sophie could. They're 3, what did we expect????

Then we had all the girls pose on the couch for a picture. Can't see Sophie in it?? Yes, that's right. She was the only uncooperative princess.

My sister Cassie may be happy to note that I finally found a use for the bridesmaid dress I wasn't able to wear in her wedding (I was in the hospital having Owen prematurely during her rehearsal). I was the biggest princess of all!!!


Cassie and Gerrit said...

I love it! I'm SO glad you got to wear the dress! And you look great. :) Man, this party must have rocked! You're like super-mom.

justaneverydaygirl said...

Such great pictures. I've been wondering how the party went.. :) I wish I had a sparkly princess dress!!