Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Owen is eating "solids!" Squishy and bland though they may be. He seems to be loving his rice cereal and his first flavored food ever--squash. Yum! The doctor told us to try veggies first so he doesn't get a taste for sweet fruits and end up rejecting vegetables. So far Owen's been a fairly tidy eater...except that last night I found sqash on the collar of MY shirt. Owen's also a big licker--did I mention that? Every time I pick him up he starts licking and chewing anything near his mouth--shoulders, necks, chins, fingers. He can be quite violent about it sometimes (growling included). I'd like to think this means a tooth is not far away, but so far his gums are showing no signs. Bummer! Guess that means I'll still be wearing vegetables on my collar for a while. Tomorrow, it'll be peas!

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