Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Sophie just turned three! Can you believe it?? While out at "black grandma" and grandpa's for an ice-fishing tournament (for Greg), we celebrated Sophie's birthday all weekend long. Sophie got to help decorate her birthday pie and got to open presents. We also celebrated with Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill (who was finally in Sophie's good graces--she even handed him a Tinkerbell plate!) at Applebees, where Sophie got a birthday sundae. It's a good thing Grandma also brought cake for the rest of us as Sophie wouldn't share the ice cream. Sophie got all kinds of great gifts for her birthday. Some of the highlights were her very own rocking chair, which she loves, and a pretty party dress she loves to flit about in. In fact, she had a riot dancing, whirling and twirling, to an "Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas" cassette (yes, cassette!! It was Greg and Janelle's when they were young!). She danced with Grandma and Greg, and kept telling her daddy that he was a prince. Very cute! Her "computer" (Leappad) has also been big fun for her as she's trying to figure out how to run it. I'd say the biggest hit of all by far, though, has got to be the 5 princess books she got with Aunt Rainie's giftcard. She (and we!) have been reading them continuously!!
And as for the goofy posing (head tilted, cheesy grin), we think she's taking her cues from the princesses we saw at Disney.


Rainiedavis said...

What alot of fun you are having. Sophie, we love you. Aunt Rainie and Uncle Rick

Wendy said...

Don't feel bad about the Alvin & Chipmunks cassette. I have that on vinyl, along with a couple of other Chipmunk albums. Loved the Chipmunks growing up.