Thursday, June 5, 2008

Downtown Summer Fling

A while back, our little family attended our downtown's summer fling, a kickoff to summer fun. Sophie got a tattoo, or a "tat" as she calls it. It was a pony, of course.

Sophie and Greg played the "Cake Walk" game...alone. The teenage helper (on the sly) said everyone's a winner. I guess so.

Then they played the "Pop toss" game, where Sophie had to throw a penny on top of a can of pop to win it. I think she got three pennies to try for the pop, but didn't make it. Greg asked if they could just try a few more for fun since there was no one else waiting, and within 2 more pennies she got one! The very nice teenage helper let her take the "pop" anyway. It was a "fruit punch soda." None of us have had the courage to drink it yet.

We had a nice little corndog lunch in the shade on the curb while listening to some (slightly racy) live music. Greg and I also had fried ravioli (so good!!), which we ended up having to share with Sophie, even though she'd already eaten a whole corndog, while Greg and I shared the other one.

Eating her cake walk "cake."

Dancing to the last 30 seconds of the (slightly racy) live music. We finally finished eating and Sophie requested to dance, just as they were finishing their set to prepare for the pie eating contest.
Sophie having an "ice pop" which was pretty much just koolaid in a tube at this point.

Sophie in first place at the pie eating contest!! Well, just sitting in the first place spot, really.

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