Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Buddies

We hang out with the W's every week, at our library story time and often at each other's houses or the park...mostly just the moms and kids. (Not that the dads don't like each other--they were really friends first!! We just do most activities during the day). A few weekends back, the dads got to join us at the library's summer kickoff event. The girls had a good time eating hotdogs on the curb and then some ice cream too.

The boys, Drew and Owen, are destined to be friends too. But for right now they mostly just try to gouge each others eyes out.

Sophie and Lydia got their hair spray painted. They were so cute after their makeovers that the professional event photographer even had them pose for a few pictures. We may be seeing them in the library newsletter or on the website soon! (They actually smiled for him).

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Brad and Janelle said...

I think Sophie would fit RIGHT in with her pink hair where I work.. :) You may have a future art student on your hands!