Monday, June 23, 2008

Sophie & Mommy Date

On Saturday, Sophie and I had a much-needed, long-time-coming, Sophie and Mommy date. We spent a good deal of the day alone together, with a whole zoo full of strangers. The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed the outdoor animal trails/exhibits. Sophie actually enjoyed the little park and tunnels to climb in (at various exhibits) and the water-play area more than anything, though she did enjoy the animals too. Our first stop was out to a farm area where we got to feed goats (she's a pro!) and touch baby chicks.

We rode the tractor-pulled wagon back to the main trail, and when we finally got around to the buffalo (for those of you who've been to the big zoo, you know this is WAY out there!), Sophie was ready and asking for lunch. We had to elbow our way through a new exhibit and wait at a new food vendor for an eternity before finally getting our lunches. We were hot and droopy and in need of refreshment, and there were no tables available!! So, we had a picnic on the pavement. We were much revived after our french fries and cheeseburgers.

We were even further revived by joining other drenched children playing in the new water fountain. Well, mostly we played NEAR the new water fountain. Sophie's not a big fan of...well...water. Particularly splashing water. So, she got her toes wet, and was very refreshed.

A little later on we stopped to have a treat. Sophie requested a "colorful" one, which translated into a sno-cone (she'd seen one earlier). It was delicious!

One of the tunnels she liked climbing around in
Her wingspan
It was a lovely day and we had a tough time leaving.


Cassie and Gerrit said...

What a fun day! Cute pictures! Looks like Sophie is "putting out the vibe" in the last one. :)

Jessica said...

The zoo is tons of fun! I love the wingspan thing!