Friday, February 15, 2008

Princess Party, Round 2

Today Sophie, Owen and I attended a princess party of a church friend. Again, Sophie got all decked out for the event, this time wearing her brand-new Cinderella dress. When we arrived, she got to get further dolled up with nail polish and a snazzy new hairdo, complete with tiara. The girls got to eat fun princess food, decorate cookie "wands" and have a piece of a castle cake. Then Sophie got to oversee her friend opening the gift Sophie brought for her. And Owen has now attended two princess parties in a week and watched (innumberable times) princess movies in that same time span. I think his dad is about ready to enroll him in hockey!

Valentine's Day

Owen has finally rolled over!! I laid him on his stomach yesterday (something he hates) and he immediately flipped over onto his back. I thought it was maybe a fluke, so I put him back onto his stomach, and he flipped right over again. It's like he's been secretly practicing it for weeks, only to surprise us with it now. He's like an old pro! Yeah for Owen!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Princess Party

Sophie had her princess birthday party last Saturday, and we had a fabulous time! Five other little princesses and their moms arrived to help us celebrate, all decked out in various princess dresses and accessories. To start of the fun, the girls got to get make-overs. Their moms helped them paint their finger nails (and toe nails, in some cases), and then the girls went to town applying their own makeup! It was quite a sight! Those girls have obviously been watching their moms, though I'm sure most moms don't apply blue eye shadow to their lips (or the general vacinity of the lips). I decided they were just being inovative. After playing for a while, the girls also got to decorate crowns. Most enjoyed wearing the finished product, but our own little princess did not. So, sorry, no pictures of that.

Our dainty lunch consisted of heart-shaped sandwiches, (non-poisoned) apples and dip, crown-shaped cheese and crackers, rice-krispie treat wands, glass slipper jello jigglers, and pink (strawberry) milk. The grand finale was individual princess cupcakes, each topped with a Disney princess figurine to take home. We had only one little princess who was upset with the cupcake she got, so I figured we were successful. One out of six isn't bad!

Sophie got all kinds of lovely gifts from her friends. The girl that gave her the gift would sit next to Sophie and "help" her open it. In some cases that meant jabbing Sophie with a toy sword (so funny!) or ripping the tissue paper out before Sophie could. They're 3, what did we expect????

Then we had all the girls pose on the couch for a picture. Can't see Sophie in it?? Yes, that's right. She was the only uncooperative princess.

My sister Cassie may be happy to note that I finally found a use for the bridesmaid dress I wasn't able to wear in her wedding (I was in the hospital having Owen prematurely during her rehearsal). I was the biggest princess of all!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sophie Quote

On the way home from church today, Sophie and I were talking about what to have for lunch. She said, "I want a turkey-cheese sandwich with heart bread!" (I made cut-out heart bread for her birthday...big mistake!). When we got home, she announced that she wanted soup for lunch. I reminded her that she asked for a sandwich earlier. "You can't have both," I said. "You can have one...or the other. What do you want?" "One!" was her reply.


Owen is eating "solids!" Squishy and bland though they may be. He seems to be loving his rice cereal and his first flavored food ever--squash. Yum! The doctor told us to try veggies first so he doesn't get a taste for sweet fruits and end up rejecting vegetables. So far Owen's been a fairly tidy eater...except that last night I found sqash on the collar of MY shirt. Owen's also a big licker--did I mention that? Every time I pick him up he starts licking and chewing anything near his mouth--shoulders, necks, chins, fingers. He can be quite violent about it sometimes (growling included). I'd like to think this means a tooth is not far away, but so far his gums are showing no signs. Bummer! Guess that means I'll still be wearing vegetables on my collar for a while. Tomorrow, it'll be peas!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Sophie just turned three! Can you believe it?? While out at "black grandma" and grandpa's for an ice-fishing tournament (for Greg), we celebrated Sophie's birthday all weekend long. Sophie got to help decorate her birthday pie and got to open presents. We also celebrated with Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill (who was finally in Sophie's good graces--she even handed him a Tinkerbell plate!) at Applebees, where Sophie got a birthday sundae. It's a good thing Grandma also brought cake for the rest of us as Sophie wouldn't share the ice cream. Sophie got all kinds of great gifts for her birthday. Some of the highlights were her very own rocking chair, which she loves, and a pretty party dress she loves to flit about in. In fact, she had a riot dancing, whirling and twirling, to an "Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas" cassette (yes, cassette!! It was Greg and Janelle's when they were young!). She danced with Grandma and Greg, and kept telling her daddy that he was a prince. Very cute! Her "computer" (Leappad) has also been big fun for her as she's trying to figure out how to run it. I'd say the biggest hit of all by far, though, has got to be the 5 princess books she got with Aunt Rainie's giftcard. She (and we!) have been reading them continuously!!
And as for the goofy posing (head tilted, cheesy grin), we think she's taking her cues from the princesses we saw at Disney.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Quote of the day

Sophie: "When I grow up I'm going to swim. I'm going to swim with a tail like Ariel's [The Little Mermaid] when I grown up."