Monday, February 16, 2009


Breasts... boobs... "the girls"... whatever you want to call them... they need to be taken care of ladies!

On the day that I found out my mom had breast cancer, a church friend of mine was having a mastectomy for her breast cancer. My church friend, who is about 31, has a family history of breast cancer, so she had a mammogram done in the late Fall. Nothing showed up. A month or two later, she was doing a self-exam and actually felt a lump herself. Long story short, within about a week she was having a mastectomy and has now started chemotherapy.

Now, I have not ever been good at doing self exams. When my doctor asks me if I'm doing them, I mumble...yes...sometimes...when I think of it...bldbldlbldlbldl. She usually assures me that it's okay, I'm young, no family history, anything is better than nothing, etc. Well, "anything is better than nothing" isn't going to cut it anymore!

My church friend's diligence caught her cancer and she received treatment immediately. She's dealing with a mess of stuff right now, but think how much messier if she hadn't been doing self-exams. My mom's routine mammogram caught her cancer, as did her diligence in actually getting them done yearly as is recommended by doctors. She has had a lumpectomy and will be starting further treatment soon.

Am I being diligent? No. Are you being diligent? I hope so. But if not, maybe we can help each other out. Not with the actual exams, people...just in reminding each other to do them!!

Therefore, I am proposing that I will do my best to send out a reminder mid-month, each month, that it is breast self-exam day. My promise will be that I will not send out the reminder unless I have actually done my own exam, and I hope you will respond in kind by doing your own exam. Right then. While you're reading this blog. (Okay, those of you reading this at work/in public may have to wait a while) You only need one hand to move the mouse, you know. That way you won't forget. It only takes a minute anyway.

You can go here if you need some directions on how to do your exam correctly, or if you want to see some cartoon boobs you only wish you had.

Good luck, girls!


Cassie said...

Thank you, Carey! I personally like the wedge method of self examination for my "ta-tas."

Lenna said...

Carey, I've found your blog and so glad I did. Of course it never occurred to my dad to tell his girls that their biological aunt had breast cancer. You've just given me a really good reason to be more diligent about touching my boobs. Thanks, and tell Denna she's in my thoughts and prayers.

Dyer Importance... said...

I think you can sign up for regular email reminders from KARE 11 News too. They do a "Buddy Check 11" on the 11th of every month to remind you and will even send emails if you want. Here is the link:

Denise said...

This post could not have been more timely! I just went in and had my mammogram on Saturday. The Dr.'s office actually called me and told me to get my butt in there! While there is no history of breast cancer in the family, I still had to do it. Actually the nurse wouldn't let me back out of it. Also, I've already had a scare with it. My first mammo, they found something and I had to have a biopsy done. NOT FUN!!!! Worse than having a baby! Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing. So, heed Carey's advice and check "the girls"! AND if there is a history of breast cancer in your family, start getting those mammos NOW. If not, give yourself a great 40th birthday present and make an appointment to get "squished." It truly is not as bad as people say it is.

Bren said...

This is great!