Monday, February 9, 2009

Strawberry Yogurt

Owen has been practicing his self-feeding skills lately. In fact, he will no longer eat the things he used to (mac & cheese, hotdogs, any noodles, etc.) unless given a utensil to scoop them with. Now I know that Greg and I have a reputation for avoiding messy hands at all costs (ie. eating everything with a fork!!), but I have purposely tried not to influence my kids in that way. They just come by it naturally, evidently!
Here is Owen eating yogurt--something that easily sticks to a spoon...unlike peas, which he tried last night.

He's getting so big!


Florida Family of Four said...

Awww.. cute! You're right, he's getting so big. I was going through some old pictures and found one of you pregnant with Owen. It seems like it was just yesterday!!


Michelle said...

Ummm, you use bibs - what a good mom!