Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Children's Museum

Greg's company sponsors our Children's Museum, so our family scored tickets to an after-hours event for donors to the museum. The night included a buffet dinner. We love buffet dinners! They had chicken nuggets and mac&cheese for the kids and fancier pasta for the adults.

But in Owen's case, it was basically a juice box buffet. He downed a few of them while the rest of us ate the food.

The newest exhibit was "Clifford the Big Red Dog." Sophie enjoys the Clifford TV show on PBS, so she was excited to see this!

In the "Outdoors" part of the museum, Owen loved the pretend creek. Here he is dressed like a beaver.
He just kept throwing the fake tadpoles and crayfish in the water over and over again. Thank goodness for plastic aprons! Those children's museum people really know their stuff.
It was even warm enough outside to go to the rooftop park and play in the sand.

Sophie got her face painted by a very fancy face-painter.
She also sported this at church the next day.
Here, Owen is showing Clifford his tattoo. It's how he greats everyone lately.
But by far the biggest hit of the night was the water tables. Owen would have played here until the wee hours of the morning if we hadn't gotten kicked out at 8:30. Again, the brilliant aprons.

We went, we saw, we did it all. And on the way out, we even snagged dixie cups of goldfish snacks for the ride home. We love the Children's Museum!


Mrs. E. said...

You sure take advantage of such fun activities! And this one incuded dinner. . .which means mama had the night off in the kitchen. YEAH!!

Wendy said...

I LOVE own in the beaver suit!!! And I'm with him, the water tables are definately one of the best exhibits at the Children's Museum.

Florida Family of Four said...

Soooo many adorable pictures!!! I agree with Wendy-- the beaver suit is darn cute.. along with Sophie in her tutu, sparkly headgear, and facepaint. So elaborate!

PS- I wish EVERYWHERE had a dixie cup of goldfish for the ride home!

Cassie said...

Great pictures! Makes me want to have kids just so I can go to that sweet museum. That reasonable, right?